Willowglen Wedding Photos – Richard & Hayley’s sneak peek

Hi guys,

On Friday last week, we headed down to Hamilton, to photograph Richard & Hayley’s wedding out at Willowglen, in Gordonton.

Our day began (as it usually does) with the boys prep photos… and it was hot!

Luckily, we managed to find some shade, to keep everyone as cool as possible.

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Then we were off to the girls place – where they were super organized… basically all ready to go as soon as we arrived!!

So once we got a few shots of Hayley getting into her beautiful dress…

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

We had plenty of time to play with some gorgeous bridal shots..

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

We left the ladies & raced out to Willowglen, where we had time to shoot the table settings & reception setup before the ceremony got underway. I loved the cake – along with the gorgeous edible flowers on top. In fact, it wasn’t until I overheard someone talking about them being edible that I realized they weren’t real… so realistic!

Willowglen wedding photos

Richard was so nervous leading up to the ceremony – no need though, everything went perfectly!

Celebrant Kay Gregory was there to provide a calming influence & keep everything running smoothly.

Willowglen wedding photos

Hayley’s Dad looked so proud walking her up the aisle.

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen always has gorgeous light for the ceremony – the ponga fence perfectly shaded Richard & Hayley… as well as keeping the sun off them, it gives beautiful soft light.

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

After the ceremony & some group photos, we took a few shots around Willowglen..

Willowglen wedding photos

And then headed off to a nearby secret spot for a few more photos with the bridal party.

The sky was cloudy & dramatic – and the sun hit the grass just perfectly. These images (as they walked down) are essentially straight out of camera with hardly any editing at all… it just looked this cool!

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

After a few glasses of bubbly and some nibbles, we had a play in the grass…

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Just before we left – we couldn’t resist taking a last few shots in the next door field. The skies had clouded in more (and it even rained a little too)… making for our ideal conditions.

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

Willowglen wedding photos

It was a fantastic wedding day – thanks so much to you both for having us along to share a part in it!

Isaac, Amber, and Holly.


  1. Ivan Munro says:

    Amazing looking photo’s of the happy couple. A good snapshot of a wonderful day!

  2. Wendy says:

    Absolutely awesome, stunning bride and gorgeous colours. Handsome dudes too.

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    Stunnning photoz guys, love the pics at the field, cant wait to see the rest of them!!

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    Beautiful photos…both of you guys looked amazing and it was a lovely day. Thanks for letting me be apart of it

  5. Annette says:

    Terrific photos – Hayley you looked beautiful. Love the picture with the umbrella and the storm clouds.

  6. Kerry says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos! You look amazing. Was a really nice day.

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    Great day Nuggs and Hayley, thanks for having me be part of it!

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    Great photos, even the early ones with Nuggies hair do!

  9. Sarah Watson says:

    AMAZING photos Hayley!! Congratulations:) Will see you at graduation!!

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    Gorgeous Photo’s Rich, looks like you guys had an Amazing day. Big Congratulations to you guys, you both looked awesome xx

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