Want free Dunedin, Christchurch, or Queenstown wedding photos?? Two great wedding photographers, for free – shooting the stuff they dream of! Read on…

OK. So the other day, I saw some great shots – taken atop a mountain, in a helicopter (as in that’s how they got atop the mountain).

It got me thinking… why doesn’t Hamilton have any mountains??

Then I started to think… well, where does have mountains??? Result = Queenstown / Dunedin / cool South Island places.

So here’s the deal.

People thinking of booking us as their photogs are obviously going to have a few thousand set aside for their photos, right? (or those looking at similar priced photogs).

So – if you’re thinking of having your wedding down there somewhere, why not spend your budget allocated for photography on cool stuff that’s going to ensure getting some AMAZING photos, and have us shoot them, for FREE!

The stipulations…

There must be a helicopter involved… this is cool for you (coz you get to ride in a chopper, and access locations you’d otherwise never be able to) – and cool for us, coz we can shoot some things we’ve been thinking about for ages. The hirage will cost you much less than booking us to photograph at our normal rates!

Ideally, the helicopter shoot could take place the day after the wedding – sort of a “Trash the Dress” / more wedding photos concept. This would take out all the time constraints – no guests to think about being back for – and time to really play with light & locations. It also means you get 2 days worth of our time, for free – rather than one.

Second – the wedding itself would hopefully be somewhere relatively city-ish – eg in one of the main centres down South (Dunedin, Queenstown, Christchurch, etc) – and you’d need to be keen on some “urban-ish” shots for the wedding day photos… think grand old buildings, cool architecture – that’s right, all the stuff that Hamilton is lacking!

Finally, we’d love to have the opportunity to shoot some of those bridal party shots at night… which could suit a winter wedding really well – as it gets dark early – but also, some of those shots could be done the day after too, if it really didn’t fit in.

So basically – to qualify – you have to be into photos!! There’s not much point if you don’t like photos 🙂

But if you do like photos – and would like the chance to get some really fantastic shots, urban type ones on the wedding day, and then the day after some amazing mountain-top stuff – let us know!

If you book early enough, flights are cheap. So for the cost of some airfares for Amber & myself, a rental car, and accommodation for a few nights – plus the helicopter – you would still probably be spending less than booking us at our standard rates – and you can be guaranteed some really cool shots.

Let us know 🙂


  1. Gemma says:

    Wow – that would be so cool – I’d love to have helicopter photos the day after! Is there any time limit for the time of year? Could we do it in wedding season or is it just for winter?

  2. Isaac de Reus says:

    Hey Gemma 🙂

    The only time limit is our normal “no more than 12 months in advance” that we have standard for all bookings. We’d probably be sacrificing a wedding if it was a weekend in wedding season (as we’d need to be away for a few days) but to be honest, it’ll be worth it!!

  3. Rino and Maureen says:

    Please don’t tempt us to get married again.. That sounds soooo coooll and if you still can’t find any couple to do it in a year’s time.. We’ll do it for our first year anniversary!!!!!

  4. Isaac de Reus says:

    hehe – we’ll totally be taking you up on that – the clock starts now! You have a year, people – then Maureen & Rino are snaffling it 🙂

  5. Rachel M says:

    Hi Isaac, have you had anybody else take you up on this offer yet?

    We’re getting married in Chch at Easter next year (Sunday 4th April). We haven’t booked a photographer yet, but are meeting up with some in a few weeks.

    Pretty keen (ok, VERY keen) to investigate this amazing location shoot option with you further, please email me if it’s still an option and we’ll see what we can do!

    🙂 Rach.

  6. Katrina says:

    Not sure if this offer is still open but I’d definitely consider it. I am getting married in Queenstown on march 11, 2010 at Stoneridge. I LOVE the helicopter style photos and know that Qtown is perfect for that…plus love the urban type style you speak of also.
    Please contact me if this offer is still up!

  7. Jemma says:

    Hello Isaac and Amber,
    I have been looking and getting quotes for a photographer to shoot our Queenstown Wedding on 12th November 2010. The style of the photos are very important to me. I am also very keen to use a Helicopter to make the most of the awesome mountainous and lake landscape surroundings but wasn’t sure how it could all fit into one action packed day. Your solution is perfect and the ‘trash the dress’ idea, really cool. Your website is fantastic and I love your whole concept of male, female perspective! Please email me if you are interested in shooting our wedding.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards