Vilagrad Wedding Photos – Lana & Ian’s sneak peek!

Hi guys,

Last Friday, we headed down to Hamilton to photograph Lana & Ian’s beautiful wedding at Vilagrad Winery.

Our day began around at the boys place – where Ian & his best man were donning their kilts…

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

It always amazes me when I see the intricacies of the traditional Scottish dress – the laces tied just so, the socks perfectly folded, knife tucked in… I’d never be able to remember it all!

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

We then headed out to the girls – who were getting ready at the on-site villa at Vilagrad. Denise from Spoilt Beauty was putting the finishing touches on makeup, and Lana was ready to get into her stunning Kate Dowman wedding gown.

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

We had time for a couple of shots outside..

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

And then it was time to head across for the ceremony. The piper began to play, and the flowergirls were eagerly awaiting their first glimpse of stunning Lana..

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Their priest was fantastic – mixing a great sense of humour into the ceremony… and he also displayed a good knowledge of Scottish traditions, like the sealing of an agreement by drinking from the Quaich.

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

After the ceremony, we headed out with the bridal party for some photos around the place. Lana was keen for something a little more ‘grungy’ in some of the shots – which was great fun! We kicked off at this awesome old barn..

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

And we had a visit by the owner’s pet pig!! He came running across the fields to check out what was going on.. and quickly became interested in what was inside the chilly-bin..

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

On the other side of the barn was a lovely sweeping rise, where we were able to take advantage of the dramatic skies… (and on the way up the rise, Holly took this next shot).

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Next stop was a cornfield that we found, with some beautiful golden backlight in the afternoon sun. Luckily it was still there – as the entire surrounding countryside was in full-on harvest mode!

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Last stop on the tour was another field, with a dilapidated corrugated iron barn…

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

and a golden brown field of tussocky grass…

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

We love to fully utilize our time on the bridal party shoot… if Lana & Ian needed to walk from point A to point B… it became another option for a shot! This was once we’d finished in the field / barn – and needed to walk a few metres back down the driveway to the car.

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

We finished up our day with a couple of shots in the wine cellars at Vilagrad – we love shooting in there, and playing around with a bit of lighting.

Vilagrad Wedding Photos

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It was a fantastic wedding – thank you both so much for having us along to share a part in your day 🙂

Isaac, Amber, and Holly.


  1. Morgan says:

    Amazing as always, what a beautiful bride (and dress) and happy couple.

  2. Carol says:

    I adore these photographs, they are simply beautiful xx

  3. Tracy says:

    Lovely photos of gorgeous people – the photos are so Lana, as she likes something a little different. Very relaxed but emotional pics. Awesome!

  4. Michelle says:

    I’ve known Lana for almost 25 years and these pictures have captured just how radiant and beautiful she is! Lana, my friend, we always knew you would make a beautiful bride, these pictures are absolutely STUNNING! You and Ian look so happy, just gorgeous! What beautiful memories for you xx

  5. Jo Shuker says:

    I had such a special day, Lana & Ian thank you. The photo’s are stunning and I’ll never get enough of looking at the wedding gown, it’s exquisite! Oh, groom looks pretty hot too, haha!

  6. Kathryn Hawkes says:

    Wowzers! It’s not often that I’m left speechless……
    What amazing pictures!! Lana, you are every inch the blowing, beautiful bride and Ian, so dapper! Congratulations again you guys, your pictures belong in a fairytale book about the handsome prince who gets his princess 🙂
    Very bummed about having missed your big day but it’s so awesome to see the pictures and get a feel for the atmosphere of such a happy day. xxx

  7. Beautiful pictures amazing backgrounds enjoyed them very much

  8. Claire says:

    OMG! The pics are amazing! These beautiful people and backgrounds look like they are straight out of a bridal mag. And the dress of course, wow. And the pig, love it! lol…

  9. Valisha says:

    What absolutely stunning photos, I loved all of them and have already picked out my top favourites for you to enlarge for your walls haha… Lana you look gorgeous (yes you do!!) and you both look so very happy, stunning memories x

  10. Jane Sommerville says:

    love the photos, my bro looks so smart on his wedding day and i am so pleased to have a new sis – in -law as lovely as Lana. congratulations and cant wait to see the rest.

  11. Robin says:

    What lovely photos and what a beautiful couple…..

  12. Suzie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos with me, it is such a pleasure to see how the flowers worked, and I must say perfectly! You look simply stunning 🙂 Congratulations to you both for a long wonderful, fun filled future together.

  13. Mish says:

    Stunning photos!
    I especially like the one with the piper and the flower girls.

    Gorgeous dress!! and I love that the BMs were wearing white too.


  14. Auntie Lin says:

    Ah Lana, the pics are delightful. I love them, and cannot believe how much you look like the young Valerie Cunnah. How proud she would have been to see you on your wedding day. xxx

  15. Mary Barlow says:

    From a Swan to a Princess – Lana you are a stunning bride and a handsome couple. Loved the opportunity to see you in your beautiful wedding dress – and certainly made me gasp at how much you look like your mom at a younger age. Will agree that she would have been so proud to see you on this special day. Blessings to both you Lana and your gorgeous husband Ian.

  16. Andrea Craw says:

    Stunning pictures

  17. Keri says:

    Beautiful wedding photos Lana & Ian! you two look gorgeous!!! 🙂

  18. Briony says:

    Have the best memories of the most beautiful day! Such a stunning couple, thanks so much for letting me share your special day! love you guys xoxo

  19. Brad, James & Callum says:

    Congratulations Ian and Lana, what amazing photos! You looked gorgeous.. Hope to see you soon xo

  20. Mrs T says:

    Beautiful pics, georgeous dress and handsome couple.
    It all goes too quick. Congraulations to you both. Many happy years together.
    Mrs. T. ( Hilary )

  21. Jo-Ann Filmalter says:

    Lana you look absolutely beautiful. These are the best wedding photos I have ever seen. You and Ian make a stunning couple. So glad that you had such a lovely day!

  22. Tracey Wallace says:

    Very cool awesome photos

  23. Kerry Hunter says:

    It is even better than i imagined, how beautiful you both looked. love the piper! congratulations and all the best.
    love from Rob and Kerry.

  24. Margaret Derrick says:

    Fantanstic photos….hardly recognise the boy who used to be my back door neighbour. Didn’t he scrub up well! Congratulations to you both.
    PS You were punching above your weight there Ian!!! x

  25. Vicki Williams says:

    Stunning photos! Lana, you are a beautiful bride and I love the dress! Can’t wait to see the rest. Congrats 🙂

  26. Kelly Lawson says:

    Magic pics of a magical day had by all!! 🙂

  27. Robyn says:

    You guys look amazing! Banana I LOVE your dress and you look so very beautiful. The pictures are fantastic… great photography! x

  28. Mum says:

    What a wonderful day we all had, The new Mr & Mrs Findlay look absolutely stunning together, Love you both, Mum & Dad

  29. Fiona S says:

    Hi Janis

    Have just seen the wedding photographs and they are stunningly beautiful. Ian and Lana look so very happy. Fiona

  30. Paul, Vicki & Joscelyn says:

    Your pictures are wonderful, you both look great, I’m glad you had a fansastic day!
    Joscelyn thought you were a princess Lana! X

  31. Lesley King says:

    Ian and Lana, your pictures are absolutely beautiful. All the best to both of you xx

  32. Karl & Nicole says:

    Gorgeous photos Lana and Ian you both look amazing. It reminds us of the fantastic evening we shared with you both! xx

  33. Hanali says:

    Congratulations & all the best to you both. You look stunning Lana xx

  34. Auntie Susanna says:

    Precious, very precious memories of a beautiful Princess and her Prince charming. . What a lovely daughter to have. God Bless you both

  35. Jane says:

    Awesome pictures of a fantastic day. Hope to see the rest sometime. It was like a dream come true – may your fairytale contine for many years to come! Love to you both. Aunt Jane xx

  36. Kim & John says:

    Your photos are amazing you look absolutely stunning Lana – thank you for letting us share your special day

  37. Anna Aitken says:

    The photos are beautiful. All the best in your future together. Anna, Colin and Mark.

  38. mandy smith says:

    lil’ sis you are the most beautiful bride i’ve ever seen

  39. Aunt J Uncle T says:

    The pictures make you feel as though you were actually there…………….oh yes we were!!!!!!!!!! and what a fantastic day it was, congrats again to you both, thanks for the invite Lots of Love T&Jxx

  40. Laura says:

    Absolutely stunning photo’s of such a beautiful bride. I have a frame and pride of place on my photo wall waiting for one very special print of your wonderful day. Looking forward to seeing the rest of pics. Lots of love.

  41. Sally says:

    Wow amazing Photos you both looked amazing!!!!!

  42. Emma + phil says:

    One word…..WOW!!!!

  43. Kate says:

    You looked stunning Lana, what beautiful photos. It looks like you had a lovely day xx

  44. Jamie says:

    Lana!!! You guys look stunning! Even Ian 😉