Things I love about weddings

It’s getting towards the end of the “wedding season”… we’re totally snowed under with editing… we are shooting 2, sometimes 3 weddings per weekend… and I’m shattered!

So… I thought I’d sit down and list a whole heap of things I love about weddings – as a way to rejuvenating myself – and why not share it?

I love seeing families come together, and capturing the little moments as old friends reconnect.

I love seeing “everyday people” going through the process of having professional hair, makeup, putting on a beautiful dress.

I love the reaction when the bride first sees herself in the mirror.

I love how the guys are apparently laid-back but mostly trying to disguise the fact that they’re nervous.

I love a father’s face when he gets the first glimpse of his daughter all dressed up.

I love the expressions as the bride walks down the aisle.

I love when grandparents sneakily reach across halfway through the wedding ceremony to hold one another’s hand.

I love when people cry.

I love that sometimes, it makes me cry too.

I love it when people hug so enthusiastically when they congratulate the bride & groom that their faces smoosh in weird ways.

I love the fact that the family photos I take are going to be treasured by many people, for many years.

I love that I get to play ‘fashion photographer’ for an hour or two.

I love working under pressure – and needing to come up with beautiful images, no matter what the setting, the light, the weather.

I love that the bridal party get sick of having photos taken before we ever get sick of it… even when we did a 4 hour bridal party shoot, we could have kept going!

I love it when guests give a huge cheer as the bridal party enter the reception.

I love the fact that during speeches, people often take the time to say the things that are never said. Hearing a big, strapping best man talk about what an amazing guy the groom is, I find humbling.

I love it when people cry when they see their pictures.

I love the fact that the couple’s Queensberry album will be enjoyed by their grandchildren – a legacy that will live on longer than the couple.

I love that people trust us to capture their day.

I love that people trust us to craft their family history.

I love weddings.


  1. Becs says:

    WOW, wow, wow!! This list shows exactly why we have chosen you guys to capture the most important day of our lives:) Can’t wait!

  2. Danielle & Joshua Rack says:

    We loved it when people wonder if the photographers are friends of the family cause they fit in so well, and don’t stick out and become bossy, rather blend in and direct. Was amazing. Everyone was so impressed!

  3. Sharon Murti says:

    Oh this was so lovely, actually quite awesome! I cant for my wedding photo’s. I know you will do great! 🙂

  4. Holly & Jono Wiseman says:

    We love that you guys always keep in touch even once a wedding is over! It’s so great being able to show off the album you made with pride & convincing other people that you’re most definitely the best photographers they can have 🙂

  5. Charlotte says:

    I love you that you cry! I cried just reading that list 🙂

  6. Thanks guys, for your lovely words. We are privileged to know you all.

  7. Jo says:

    Hi Isaac
    Here i am working late again (on wedding bouquets)-my end is the flower side of the Wedding and i have a weekend full of them – just reading your wonderful post has inspired me and invigorated me and reminded me just how precious and special a wedding day is. You are wonderful and your photos show that emotion and feeling and thats why they are so special.
    I recomend you every chance I get!
    @Best Blooms

  8. Love this post. Great stuff!

  9. Alie & Niels says:

    We love it that the other side of the world there are people who love their job as much as we love ours. Your photography is beautiful. Alie & Niels (Blue Sky Photography, Edinburgh, Scotland)

  10. Michelle says:

    Great post 🙂
    almost made me cry!

    I love that you guys produce such great work, and that you love what you do.

    Rock on
    (and hurry up 26/03/11!) 😉