Second Shooting – Sharn & Billy’s wedding

Today I had the opportunity to second shoot at Sharn & Billy’s wedding with the fantastically talented Karyn Flett, from Photofever Photography.

It was a really cool experience – rather than being the one who is in charge & bossing people around, I got to step back a bit and just shoot what I saw. It was great to see how another photographer goes about the day, and works through the same setups as me, but from a different perspective – and I now have a few cool poses filed away in my little brain for a rainy day 🙂

It was super fun – and Sharn & Billy were such a laid back, relaxed couple – add to this some perfect late afternoon light & an amazing location (the hills above Hobbiton in Matamata) and you’re guaranteed some cool shots!

So – here we go – a few pics from the wedding in the Shire. Be sure to check Karyn’s blog soon for the really cool ones 🙂