Sarnia Park wedding photos – Blair & Louise’s sneak peek!

Hey guys,

On Saturday, we headed out to Sarnia Park in Cambridge, to photograph Blair & Louise’s wedding.
It’s our last wedding of the official “wedding season”… only 2 weddings over the next 4 months, now. It’s going to be strange not heading out once (or twice, or occasionally 3 times) every weekend to share people’s special days… but at least we got to farewell the season with a bang!

We had an awesome time with these guys – kicking off with some boys shots earlier in the day…

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

Blair had written a lovely card for Lousie, along with some flowers – and we delivered them out to Sarnia Park when we headed out for the girls shots.

Sarnia Park wedding photos

Out at Sarnia park, Lousie was all ready to go, and looking gorgeous!

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

Concentration. Focus. Drive. All important characteristics when you’re a flowergirl / pageboy.

Sarnia Park wedding photos

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

Their daughter sang BEAUTIFULLY during the signing of the register.

Sarnia Park wedding photos

Then it was off for some shots around Sarnia Park with the bridal party…

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

Whoever said weddings are all about the bride…. was wrong.

Sarnia Park wedding photos

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

Autumn weddings are just the best. It isn’t too hot. The colours in the trees look amazing. And you get beautiful afternoon light like this… at 4.30pm!
During the mid summer, this lovely warm light doesn’t arrive until 8pm or later… which is when we’re driving home, wistfully gazing out the car windows & saying “man, I wish we were only just starting the photos now!” So yes, we love autumn – and the light just got better & better!

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

We were even treated to a lovely sunset…

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

Sarnia Park wedding photos
Sarnia Park wedding photos

By the time we finished, it was nearly pitch black… luckily, we turned on the lights…

Sarnia Park wedding photos

It was an awesome day – thanks to you both for inviting us along to share a part in it!

Isaac & Amber 🙂


  1. Fiona says:

    Stunning photos Blair and Louise. The venue looks fantastic and your photographer captured great photos of your beautiful day.

  2. Aimee says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!! What a beautiful day it was, and you guys totally deserved it. Love and best wishes for a wonderful life together xo

  3. Davida Phillips says:

    wow! just beautiful!!! so many gorgeous photos to remember your wedding day with!! louise you look stunning!!! hope you all had an amazing day xoxoxxo

  4. Michelle Rowland says:

    WOW, I love these! What amazing photos to remember an awesome day! Congrats again guys!

  5. Helen & Dene says:

    What remarkable photos to remember a fantastic day. Love the Autumn colours in the trees. xxoo

  6. Donna says:

    Beautiful photos! Louise you looked so gorgeous and these photos show just how much. xx Donna

  7. Margaret & John says:

    Beautiful photos Louise and Blair. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Lots of love

    Margaret and John

  8. eileen says:

    stunning photos of a lovely couple yu guys had a fantastic venue those autumn tones and light are amazing a wonderful memorable day with a stunning record

  9. Caitlin says:

    Louise, you looked stunning in the beautiful dress and the bridesmaids also looked gorgeous. All the boys also looked very handsome. I had so much fun. Love to see you again. Caitlin. xxx

  10. Louise says:

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Blair and I can only take so much credit…the rest must go to Issac and Amber AMAZING photographs guys thanks soooo much, we can’t wait to see the rest! Louise xx

  11. Liza says:

    These photos are fantastic you all look great as does the location, can’t wait to see the rest! They have really captured your happy event so well. Thanks for the sneak peak and for allowing us to share in your wonderful day.

  12. Kiri says:

    Just gorgeous photos guys – so professional! You both looked smashing! Thanks for a great day – so pleased to celebrate with you! All the best – Kiri & Mark Henry

  13. Tineke says:

    Hey they are great,nice job you guys i love the one of dad in black and white on the stairwell!!!
    love Tini

  14. Amanda & Matt says:

    WOW! amazing photos honey, god we wish we could have been there…boo hiss.
    Louise you look radiant and totally stunning, Blaire is a lucky boy!!

  15. Kate & Luke says:

    What beautiful photos!! We wish you all the best Blair & Louise. Marriage is bliss!!! and having amazing photos just makes remembering the day so much better xx

  16. Dale Eady says:

    Awesome photos cant wait to see the rest of them. louise you made a very beautiful bride.

  17. Sue Eady says:

    Woh!!!!!!thats what I think. I might have to get some photos done of Dale and I. Will wait till next Autumn when I am sliimmer.

  18. Anita Vince says:

    Great photo’s… sorry we missed what looked like an absolutely fab day X

  19. desiree & Gerry Beban says:

    Amazing photos, everyone looks absolutely stunning! Great photography the colours and lighting are amazing.

  20. Donna Cooper says:

    Stunning venue…a beautiful couple…and gorgeous photos that reflect this perfectly. Was a pleasure to meet you Issac & Amber (I was the one that cornered you (ha ha…sorry – I’d really only had the one glass of wine) and mentioned I’d seen those exquisite photos of you both on Fiona Anderson’s blog). This is so sad…but it almost feels like I’ve met celebrities! Well…you know…from the photography blog world that is! Yip…sad…I know.

  21. Donna and Don says:

    the photos are fantastic. I really love the ones at the lake…….you both look so in love and very happy

  22. Kim says:

    Amazing pics Blair & Louise! So jealous, way way better than ours! Love the ones with the sunset and the reflections in the water! Bet you are stoked 🙂

  23. Kyla says:

    Hey Guys,

    Such beautiful pics and such lovely time of the year. Louise you looked stunning and Blair very handsome of course. Can’t wait to catch up on your return and hear all about it.

  24. Alexia says:

    Amazing pics! I esp love the Autumn ones and the one at night with the lamp – stunning!

  25. Jacqui B says:

    Amazing photos!!! The wedding was a fantastic day too! Thanks for having the Baigents there. xx

    Well done to the photographers, I totally agree about the Autumn colours looking amazing!

  26. Vicky Lee says:

    Hi guys, great photos – let’s us see what a fabulous day we mised. Sorry we couldnt be there.

  27. Missy and Kimmy says:

    Wow what beautiful photo’s love the ones near the lake.

  28. Richard and Debra says:

    Beautiful pictures. Really managed to capture some special moments, framed with the amazing surroundings. Nice one.

  29. Shelley Coplen says:

    The photos are stunning. I think the ones by the water with the reflections and the trees are just amazing. Plus I am loving the wind swept veil. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous.

  30. Kim & Mike says:

    Love your pics!!!! Just beautiful X

  31. Kim & Mike says:

    Especially love the reflection ones…..

  32. Jacob says:

    Wicked pic’s guys, lou you look hot!! Blair you look okay to…. but how’s the cute flower girl and the handsome page boys!!!……..what an awesome photographer you had they have done a fantastic job…….well done guys enjoy the memories 😉

  33. Monique says:

    Fantastic photos. You look amazing Louise and so nice to see you and your family so happy. Congrats and hope you’re enjoying the newlywed stage. Big Hugs xx

    p.s. loved the shoes

  34. Darlena Waaka says:

    Photos are amazing truly capturing a special moment. Love the colours and autumn is a really beautiful time especially for the photos. Have to keep that in mind for our future wedding!!

  35. Helen says:

    Not just saying this – but they are some of the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Must be the stunning bride and groom:) Wishing you many more years of beautiful photos and marriage x x x

  36. Sarah says:

    These are just gorgeous Lou and Blair!! It certainly was a wonderful day and these photos can be treasured forever. I can’t believe you are Mr and Mrs Ballard!! Hehehehe… So, so cool! Hope you’re still enjoying NZ xxx

  37. Alicia says:

    Awesome, amazing so many words to describe your photos Louise and Blair!! You were a beautiful bride Louise, I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos. Enjoy married life because it’s amazing 🙂

  38. Helen Williams says:

    Louise, these photos are truly magnificent. They capture beautiful moments from your special day and you will be able to re-capture the memories over and over again. Really well done!!! May god bless you and your family and may every day forward be special also. xx H

  39. Sharon says:

    Congratulations Blair & Louise – Donna sent me the link – your photos are lovely and I wish you a long and happy marriage with lots of love and fun xx

  40. sue elliott says:

    you all look so amazing, sophie is just the cutest and gives you a run for your money lou! So happy you had a beautiful day, cant wait to see you back in palma, have fun at home lots of love xx

  41. Great set of pictures you have there! I especially love the last ones. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!