Russell & Heidi’s wedding

Last Saturday we photographed Russell & Heidi’s wedding at the Holy Trinity Church, and then a photo shoot at the Hamilton Gardens.

It was really fun – especially considering that they didn’t want to use any of the theme gardens, which gave us the opportunity to utilize areas of the Hamilton Gardens that we don’t usually have time to photograph in.

First up, the river – luckily we were able to use this, as two days before the entire jetty was under water! Then we meandered around the lake, and it was at about this time that the light was just perfect!

I love taking photos of people taking photos – it’s a quirky thing that I always capture if the moment presents itself!

Also the ones towards the end, the light is just perfect, and those shadows are cool!

So enjoy the photos, and we’ll be updating again soon with John & Shona’s wedding this coming Labour weekend.

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