Onemana wedding photos – Greg & Kylie’s sneak peek!

On Saturday, we headed across to Onemana (next beach up from Whangamata) to photograph Greg & Kylie’s wedding.

These guys also had to change their ceremony location – as a few days prior when they checked out the spots, the sand was too hot to stand on at 3pm! So they decided to move things to the grass area just above the beach – good call!

I really liked the fact that the guys went for trousers & short sleeved shirts – perfect attire for a summer beach wedding!

Down on the beach, the sun came out long enough to keep everyone warm – and then went behind clouds long enough to give us great light! Perfect!

Kylie & Greg had gone for a walk down the beach a few days ago & found this cool little cave in the rocks…

I love this shot, with a flash tucked in behind them in the cave to create a nice silhouette

The clouds were coming over well & truly now – which gives us great light, and also big, epic skies – the weather played it’s part perfectly!

We had an idea of getting some big, sweeping & dramatic shots with Greg & Kylie out on one of the rocks… Amber had a vision of what she wanted (which was of course the furthermost rock) – and it was a good 10 minutes of careful maneuvering, with Greg holding Kylie’s hand, me holding Kylie’s dress, and Kylie wearing Amber’s jandals to protect her feet. Then we needed to get the flash, softbox, and battery out onto the rocks – and commandeered a groomsman to help hold everything steady. Was the whole process worth the effort?? We think so!

After clambering back in again, it was time to head off. As we walked back up from the beach, the sun came out in full force – so we got them to pause on top of the dunes & used the sunlight to really punch up the colours…

One thing about photographing weddings is that you never stop shooting… this is a grab shot Amber took as Greg & Kylie were walking back towards the car – love it.

No caption needed. Just cool.

Enjoy the little sneak peek guys – more on the way soon 🙂

Isaac & Amber


  1. Kylie and Greg says:

    Thank you guys soooooooo much these are amazing!!!!!!

  2. Kylie and Greg says:

    Thank you guys soooooooo much these are amazing!!!!!!

  3. Aunty Trish says:

    Isaac and Amber, you have captured the day to perfection. Thank you so much
    for the absolutely fabulous photos.
    Aunty Trish

  4. Aunty Trish says:

    Kylie & Greg – what absolutely fabulous photos, thanks to Isaac & Amber, you captured it perfectly and for making it so special. Aunty Trish

  5. Vicki (mother of the bride) says:

    I knew these would turn out stunning. Ky and Greg both looked fabulous on the day – and it shows. Awesome shots. (mum)

  6. Andrew says:

    pics look great. Was a good day.

  7. Carole And Ada says:

    Great Photos Bride And Groom both look fabulous and you can see how happy they are,
    Photography was incredible.
    Sorry not to see the Mother of the Bride, where were you?

    Have a great honeymoon guys

    Luv Us

  8. Bob Forsyth says:

    Congratulations, you have captured both their personalities in the photos, great memories of the day.
    Uncle Bob

  9. Fantastic photos, looks like you had a fantastic day. All the best may you have a long and great marriage.
    Kylie you have grown to be a beautiful young lady, Greg you are a lucky guy.

  10. Bruce T says:

    Wow amazing pic’s – some awesome memories for the rest of your lives – the start of what we hope to be a wonderful collection! – Bruce – Works with Kylie’s Mum

  11. Janine and Breeanna says:

    I loved the photos. They were pretty cool!

  12. Joanne Murphy says:

    Soooo sad we couldnt come, great to see the pictures and they made me cry. you guys looked fantastic and the wedding looked so much fun.

  13. Karlie says:

    Amazing you look stunning!! Some great shots in there. Wish you guys al the best xx

  14. adrian says:

    looks like it was an awsome day guys beautiful pics wish i was there…
    must of had a good photographer

  15. casey says:

    oh u look so beautiful kylie, i love the pictures u have some really picture perfect shots in there…. i wish u guys all the best in the future

  16. luke says:

    wow you to look absolutely amazing, perfect spots to take photos guys loce the pic of u to on the rocks in the distance….

  17. katrina says:

    beautiful pics for a beutiful day , u both look great guys

  18. michelle ( caseys mum) says:

    love the pics, looks like you had an amazing day ….all the best 4 the future guys

  19. aaron says:

    oh chur u fellas look choice aye , yea those photos look mean as

  20. sally says:

    congrats guys on your wedding day, awsome pis u both look really really great and u look so happy together and let the rest of your lives be the same… xox sally

  21. Tracey says:

    Absolutely stunning photos… congratulations!

  22. Rachael Judd(Matron of Honor) says:

    Wow, these photos are just AMAZING… What a great day it was and what amazing memories you both now have to look back on… truly STUNNING…

  23. lisa jordan says:

    These photos are just fantastic,love them, they capture the moment like you are there,beautiful photos.

  24. Zena Elkurdi says:

    Kylie, you and your husband look amazing :0) I love the photos…like a fairy tale come true. Im so happy for you both and i hope each and every day you two share is more amazing than the other. xoxoxoxoxox

  25. Rebecca Bradford says:

    Beautiful people captured in beautiful photos. Your special day was captured to perfection forever Thanks Amber and Isacc!!!

  26. Debbie Dickson says:

    These are awesome photos. I hope I am lucky enough to find someone near home (Mky, Qld) to capture my wedding day as beautifully. It gives you such great memories of your perfect day.