New Plymouth Wedding Photographers – Rachael & Jesse’s sneak peek!

Hi guys,

On Friday, we joined the throngs of people heading into New Plymouth for the WOMAD music festival… but for an entirely different purpose.. to photograph Rachael & Jesse’s awesome wedding at St Mary’s Church, and reception at Okurukuru winery.

We even managed to make it down a day early, and had time to just relax, refresh, and scope out cool locations. The weather was murky & grey – and we crossed all our fingers & toes for the rain to stop.

In the morning, we headed around to Jesse’s parents place – where the boys were getting ready.

The mark you can see on Jesse’s hand in this shot is courtesy of stag night paintball.. I can only imagine how sore that must have been!

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

Around at the girls, things were very organized – and when we arrived, everyone was essentially ready to go.

Rachael had told us that she loved photos with strong lines & angles in them… and she couldn’t have picked a better house (in fact, House of the Year) to get ready in!

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

Rachael’s dress was amazing – beautiful gathering of fabric, and a gorgeous lace layer at the bottom.

New Plymouth wedding photographer

Rachael’s two sisters were her bridesmaids – Lorene (on the left) is a friend of ours, who’s TTD shoot we photographed in Queenstown last year.

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

I love the light in this shot – we almost fell into it by mistake, as we were heading into the bathroom (of all places) for a shot!

New Plymouth wedding photographer

By this time, it was off to the church – and what a church it was. Jesse’s Dad mentioned to me that he used to go there as a child – how special to be able to get married in a significant place like that! The church itself was gorgeous – beautiful sweeping arches, stone columns, and stained glass windows.

Jesse’s face – when he saw Rachael for the first time:

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

Our first location for the bridal party shoot was the Te Rewa Rewa bridge – which is a striking architectural design, perfectly framing Mt. Taranaki. When we came the day before to check it out, the mountain was totally enclosed in cloud (as it often seems to be, when we visit New Plymouth) – but today, it was perfect.

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

Back down the other end, we played with the angles of the bridge, while shooting back into the sun … (nothing says ‘romance’ like the sound of a chugging generator powering the lights!!)

New Plymouth wedding photographer

Then we headed over to some cool dunes & rocks…

New Plymouth wedding photographer

New Plymouth wedding photographer

These birds flew across at just the right time, in a perfect formation..

New Plymouth wedding photographer


New Plymouth wedding photographer

Well done, by the way, getting up atop these rocks … (we don’t set easy tasks..)

New Plymouth wedding photographer

Our time had disappeared – and it was time to race back to Okurukuru. When we arrived, we had a sneaky look in the next door neighbours’ field – where there was the beautiful mountain backdrop on one side… (this reminds me of ‘The Sound of Music’)

New Plymouth wedding photographer

And then in the other direction, straight down to the sea.

New Plymouth wedding photographer

It was a perfect, sunny end to a fantastic day.

New Plymouth wedding photographer

We had to hit the road, to travel back to Cambridge for our wedding the following day… which was unfortunate, because the food looked & smelled amazing!
Okurukuru boasts the regional ‘Restaurant of the Year’ 3 years running.. so we’ll need to make it another time 🙂

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It was a fantastic wedding – thank you both so much for having us along to share a part in it!
More photos to follow soon 🙂


  1. Lorene says:

    These are amazing!!!! Rach – you look beautiful (and Jesse, you look pretty good too :P) I love the bridge shots, and the field shots, and am still impressed with the way both of you climed up the rocks! Thanks so much Isaac and Amber!

  2. Richard says:

    When we look at these photos we truly feel they capture your special day in a way that allows us to re-live it. They take our breath away (Yes we know soppy – but true :P). Many thanks for allowing Janet and I to be a part of such a wonderful day and we wish you all the best. Well done to Isaac and Amber!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    These are stunning pictures. You both look great and some of the locations really make the pictures memorable. These pictures are a perfect way to remember the special day for many years!

  4. Makeda/WF says:

    Amazing photos. You all look gorgeous!!! The one with the birds and the one from above looking down at Starphyre with all the window blinds are my favourites. You sort of look like Giselle in Enchanted in some of the photos 🙂 Adorable.

  5. Bane says:

    Awesome pics, GZ guys

  6. Lyn Hunt says:

    These are amazing photos. Your wedding was absolutely wonderful. The photos definitely capture this day in a special way.

  7. Fraag says:

    Congrats on the lovely wedding. Photos look awesome! You both look very happy. 🙂

  8. Kane says:

    Photos came out beautifully… looks like a great day was had by all 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  9. Tim says:

    These are lovely. Some epic photos here. but the one of the bridge straight on with the mountain in the back of the arch has some weird artefacts at the treeline – looks horribly pixellated and ‘shopped compared to the people just below.

  10. Darren says:

    Great pics!!

  11. Mike B says:

    These are so good, the photos show the day was great the church fantastic and the bride and groom at there best, cheers

  12. Elton Pigg says:

    Amazing, awesome, fantastic photos! Rach & Jesse such an amazing, elegant & grand day, which have been captured so perfectly in the photos! Beat choice in photographers, you guys chose the best!! Thanks heaps for inviting me to share in your special day! Once again you all looked amazing in the photos. You were all the perfect subjects framed by the breath taking landscapes!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

    All the best … xx 🙂

  13. Tim B says:

    Great pics, you guys look amazing 🙂

  14. Srivi says:

    Amazing shots ! Rach, you look pretty and perfect ! It is so hard to pick one favourite picture as they all look very cool…yet…I would vote for the dunes and rocks picture…applause to the photographer who managed to capture Jesse’s first sight at you 🙂

  15. Lance says:

    Great pictures Rach. Can only hope mine ultimately turn out as good.

  16. Laura says:

    Wow. Stunning backdrops, good choice of location. You both look really nice.

  17. Jason Catchpole says:

    Some awesome shots here… great day with great photos!!

  18. Usama says:

    Nice pics. Both are looking great.

  19. Robert says:

    Those pictures are awesome – the locations turned out really well and definitely captured the day. Hats off to Isaac and Amber 🙂

    Who is that awesome groomsman on the left..

  20. Laurence says:

    Amazing photos!!! Thanks for having us at such a great day!!!

  21. Karen says:

    Absolutely wonderful photos. I am sure you will have a hard time deciding which ones make up the final album.

  22. Ross Hunt says:

    Stunning photos, awesome Daughter, fabulous Bridesmaids. Who’s the happy guy in the suit?

  23. Kaybs says:

    I’ve said it elsewhere, but these photos are incredible. Congrats you two. 🙂