Mike & Shelley’s Vilagrad wedding photos – sneak peek

Hi guys,

On Friday, we headed out to Vilagrad winery to photograph Mike & Shelley’s gorgeous wedding. I love Vilagrad, it’s one of my favourite Hamilton venues to shoot at – and this time was no exception!

Shelley was worried that their daughter (and flowergirl) of 3 years age would be camera shy… no chance! In fact, she got so upset when we tried to do some shots with just Shelley & bridesmaids that we assigned Holly as her personal photographer, and they went & played on the swing!

After their ceremony, we headed down to the vineyard for some shots with the bridal party, and then finished up in the cellar – where we love to get our lighting out & really play with different ideas & looks.

We had some ideas for a few shots in the vineyard, but they really needed the late afternoon / sunset light to work best – so we suggested that we stay around & sneak out for a few shots after their meal – and it was definitely worth the wait! The lovely golden light is just so good to work with, and hits the vines perfectly 🙂

It was an awesome day – enjoy this little peek at how the photos are looking!

Isaac & Amber


  1. Maureen and Steven Lee says:

    Wonderful photos. Captured the mood and the love beautifully.

  2. martin cazaubon says:

    Great ‘photos, great photographers, made everybody so relaxed!
    Many thanks, Isaac and crew
    Martin Cazaubon

  3. Heather Thompson says:

    Wow, what amazing photos, they are all gorgeous but the ones taken just before the storm hit are simply spectacular. Shelley looked stunning and the photos really show that.

    Wonderful shots, really looking forward to seeing the rest.

  4. Hannah Lauwers says:

    wow……beautiful pictures of a fantastic wedding

  5. Dan Lauwers says:

    Love the pictures, made great use of the weather…..love the last shots

  6. Jo McConnell says:

    Wow, love the photo’s! You both look great and Bella sooo cute. Really contempory photo’s that I can just see in your house.


  7. Emily says:

    What beautiful photos! Thanks for capturing the moments so perfectly. That evening sunburst was definitely worth waiting for!

  8. Stephen & Celia Greer says:

    Beautiful Photos Mike & Shelley, love them all!! Gorgeous Isabella & Pipo too!

  9. helen and james clark says:

    what wonderful photos guys to match the perfect day ! Loved the vinyard shots with the dusk lighting especially that last one and the one with the stormy skies. But there were 2 beautiful girls on the day – the shots of Bella are just ADORABLE – what priceless memories you have to keep forever.
    Cant wait to see the rest of the photos. Lots a love Helen and Jimmy xx

  10. Sarah Johnson says:

    Awesome pics! You all look great and Isabella looks so cute. Can’t wait
    to see more.

  11. Anice Doel says:

    Beautiful photos, Shelley you look stunning and Bella is just adorable!! It looked like an amazing day, cant wait to see more pics 🙂

  12. Dave says:

    Awesome photos guys. It was a great day!

  13. Jan Rameka says:

    A wonderful record of a wonderful event – you have captured the ambience beautifully!
    We look forward to seeing the whole album shortly.
    Well done!

  14. Lisa Hansen says:

    Those photos are pieces of art that you will always treasure .
    A picture will always paint a thousand words and memories.
    Thanks for the great day.

  15. Margot says:

    Unbelievable pictures of my beautiful girls and gorgeous Mike, can hardly wait for the full album

  16. tina oldham says:

    great photos

  17. PAM MCEWEN says:

    what wonderful photos.a credit to everyone invoved,just a pity we could not make it

  18. Dean Thompson says:

    Very Impressed. I’ll show the crew from Oz when I see them.

  19. Kate Polson says:

    Fantastic photos that reflect a fantastic day, you all look wonderful,love the light of the evening before the storm!

  20. Liz and Martin says:

    Love the fresh open portrait of you Shelley alongside the ‘sepia’ etherial effect in the hallway. Stunning captures of Bella especially the one with her hippo.
    Great effects in the cellars, black and white, so appropriate for your wedding, of course. Fun, laughter and love encaptured beautifully.
    Thanks for your choice in photographers as with all your choices for your special day. . Your album will be very special.
    It was a privilege to be there.
    Thank you and much love from us.

  21. Norma Tregoning says:

    What a lovely couple, beautiful settings and terrific pictures of everyone. It looks like it was a superb day, pity we could not have been there. All the best for your future happiness.

  22. Natalie Thompson says:

    The pictures brought a tear to my eye – so sad I couldn’t be there to celebrate with the lovely couple. Shelly and Mike both looked amazing as did little Isabella.

  23. Olive says:

    There’s my babies………….your English Mother…………….Love you loads and the photos and you ALL are wonderful……………..My love.

  24. Suhee Kwak says:

    Beautiful~ So nice to see your lovely wedding pictures. 🙂
    Happy for you~ Mike & Shelley.

  25. Margot Crate says:

    fabulous photos, fabulous wedding! A great time was had by all. Congratulations to all concerned.

  26. Margaret McIntosh says:

    Fantastic photos Shelly – you look stunning. So does Isabella. Wishing you and Mike absolutely everything! Lots of love xxx

  27. Deb, Rob, Aine and Ross says:

    So sorry we weren’t able to be there , we were under several inches of snow at the time!! The pictures are beautiful and so atmospheric, Shell Bella’s already staring to look like you and obviously shined for the camera. You all look like you had an amazing day , love to you all.

  28. not bad for a Waikato Wedding but not a cow bell insight! Now down here in Canterbury….. ?

  29. Kerry Day says:

    These stunning photos bought tears to my eyes and makes me want to get married asap!!! Isabella is just too adorable for words! Love it, congratulations.

  30. Diana Lascelles says:

    I love the photos. It looks like you had an amazing day. You look beautiful Shelley and Isabella is so pretty. You’re a lucky guy Mike.