Long Bay wedding photos – Richard & Jessi’s sneak peek!

Hi guys!

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of photographing Jessi & Richard’s wedding at Long Bay, on Auckland’s North Shore.

We first met the two of them on Sunday, just before their wedding. Jessi is from the US, and their relationship has evolved over the Internet – this is one of only a few times she has even been to NZ! And they are just so cute.

Our day began with some shots of the boys:

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Then it was off to catch up with Jessi – who was looking amazing, perfectly 50’s style vintage 🙂 And her dress… stunning.

Shooting details is a great way for us to ease into the photography on the day… it’s almost like a warm up!

Long Bay wedding photos

How impressive that the ornaments in the house just happened to be the perfect colour!

Long Bay wedding photos

It was also fantastic to have our assistant Holly back with us… she’s had a pretty tough Xmas… but was back in fine form. Example: (Holly photo)

Long Bay wedding photos

It was funny… we were talking on the way to begin the girls shots about how much Jessi suited the ‘vintage’ style… and that we should have brought along a birdcage veil / fascinator and just made her wear it!
And then … when we arrived… lo & behold:

Long Bay wedding photos

Another Holly shot:

Long Bay wedding photos

The cottage was perfect for some ‘outside – in’ shots…

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

One of my favs:

Long Bay wedding photos

The boys arrived to collect Jessi’s sister (and then returned to get Jessi)…

Long Bay wedding photos

A sneaky peek at how they scrubbed up in suits..

Long Bay wedding photos

It was then down to Long Bay restaurant, where the ceremony began.

It was officiated by Jessi’s father – who, along with his wife & Jessi’s sister, had come all the way from Minnesota. It’s cold there.
I think it is one of the most special things in the world, having a parent officiating at the ceremony of their daughter / son. We had Amber’s mum (who is a celebrant) do our wedding.. and it was so lovely.

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

How it looked from the picnic table (in case you wanted to know!)

Long Bay wedding photos

These guys are just too cute. Picking blog images out of all the potentials was tricky, to say the least.

Long Bay wedding photos

After a few family shots, we headed out around Long Bay in the gorgeous late afternoon light.

Holly shot these 2:

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

The light just got better & better… we were very lucky getting to shoot so late into the afternoon.

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

As much as we just wanted to stay in this one little spot for ever… time (and the plethora of other locations on tap) meant we needed to move on. So it was into the car:

Long Bay wedding photos

The cars were Triumphs that have been in Richard’s family for a long time – so especially significant!

Long Bay wedding photos

After a quick jaunt up to the old villa:

Long Bay wedding photos

We made it down onto the beach.

Holly shot this one:

Long Bay wedding photos

The tide was really low, so we didn’t end up getting down on the rocks.. but plenty of beach still to play with!

Long Bay wedding photos

At the entrance to Long Bay restaurant was a big box… of Frisbees. These were in the shape of records.. and were the wedding favours for each guest.
So it was only fitting that we grabbed a couple & had a play on the beach.
Unfortunately, the wind didn’t co-operate… and Richard spent most of the time running down the beach chasing a Frisbee that was being swirled along rapidly!

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Hard work = sit down.

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

We finished up the photos with a few shots in the fluffy grassy things… there was a big sign saying “DO NOT TRAMPLE THE DUNES”… so we didn’t.
We found a little spot in the middle that had no plants.. and carefully picked our way into it.

No dunes were harmed in the making of these images.

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Long Bay wedding photos

Holly photo:

Long Bay wedding photos

Once we arrived back at the reception, we sneaked their siblings outside for a couple more shots in the lovely backlight..

Long Bay wedding photos

As far as I’m aware, the plan is for both Jessi & Richard to eventually relocate to the States & live there… which means NZ loses another fabulous couple.
On the other hand… what better excuse to come to Minnesota & do a post-wedding shoot with them one day… fishing through holes in the ice, in a wedding dress 😛

Guys – we had a blast. Thanks so much for entrusting us to capture the memories of your day… plenty more shots to follow in due course!


Isaac, Amber, and Holly.


  1. Ryan says:

    Great photos guys

  2. Samuel says:

    Lovely photos guys! A real treasure.

  3. Rowan Halkyard says:

    Great photos of a great couple

  4. Matt says:

    Great photos, guys 🙂

  5. Rachel says:

    I am one of Jessi and Richard’s friends that wasn’t able to make it to the wedding. Thank you soooo much for doing such a wonderful job on the wedding pictures. They are amazing! 😀 Well captured. You did a great job of hiding people in the background of the pictures. Being in a public area, I’m sure that wasn’t easy. Well done.

    I cannot wait to see more! And I do believe you need to head to Minnesota for a post wedding party.

    Thank you!

  6. Rachel Meads says:

    Amazing!! You guys have outdone yourselves!!!

  7. Jeremy says:

    Superb stunning images
    The light, balance, and focus show great technical ability

    … and the capture of the moment has created a lightness of being


  8. Katy Irving says:

    Holy moly, this is quite possibly the most adorable wedding I’ve ever seen; perfectly styled and wonderfully photographed. I can feel the love just looking at the photos. Lovely. Just Lovely.

  9. Hannah and Alex says:

    We are so so sad that being in grey and rainy England made us miss such a fabulous day! These photographs are truly amazing and capture what was obviously a simply beautiful and unique wedding which just sums up Richard and Jessi! Looking at them has brightened up even the bleakest ofJanuary afternoons! Thank you!

    Hannah and Alex

  10. Lindsay says:

    My goodness, these are lovely! You guys did a great job! Of course, it always helps when the subjects are so adorable to begin with… 😉

  11. Tom and Dan says:

    Such beautiful photos!

  12. Stephanie says:

    These photos really do look like they ought to be the artwork for some fantastic, Richard-and-Jessi’s-wedding concept album. (Which, of course, goes well with the theme of the day…)


  13. Louise says:

    Wow. Utterly stunning pictures, perfect couple, amazing colours.

  14. Sara says:

    I love popping in to read your blog and check out the latest weddings for a break at work. I still LOVE the photos you did for Kevin and I 🙂 Had to comment on this wedding though – the photos are just sensational – what a great looking day!

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    Simply beautiful.

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    Sorry we weren’t at the wedding but looking at your gorgeous photos makes us feel like we were there! You both look fabulous!

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    You guys have done another fabulous job of capturing the moment (day, occasion) and you were great to work with. Thanks so much.

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    Great pics, maybe you could come to North Carolina and do photos at my daughters wedding some day?

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    Absolutely stunning photos. It was a great pleasure to be involved on the day and a great pleasure to see these photos. Every body should be very proud of the occasion from beginning to end & what a stunning couple.

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