Long Bay wedding photos – Carl & Anita’s sneak peek!

Hi guys,

On Saturday, we headed off to the Shore to photograph Carl & Anita’s wedding.

It was a perfect, sunny day – gorgeous weather for a wedding 🙂

Around at the boys place, Carl was apologizing because it was fairly sparse – they had just moved into the house over the last week. But for us, that was perfect – as it meant there were no pictures we needed to take off the walls to find some clear space, and only minimal furniture that we needed to drag around!!

The boys were in very stylish grey suits…

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Just before we left, the rings came on a little tour…

Auckland Wedding Photographers

So when we arrived at the girls place… we took the dress, shoes, and jewelry on a similar little excursion…

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Anita look absolutely stunning in her dress – so elegant & beautiful!

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

We headed outdoors into the gorgeous backlit garden – where we had time for a few shots before the boys arrived.

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Then, Carl arrived – and they got to see one another for the first time! Such a special moment 🙂

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Before we headed off for our pre-ceremony bridal party photos – there was a Chinese tradition that Anita needed to complete – she holds a fan out of the car, and throws it on the ground. Her mother needs to pick it up, and quickly wrap the fan in her clothing – which is to signify Anita leaving her bad tempers behind as she embarks on a new path. I love learning about cool stuff like this!!

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Then… it was time to hit the beach!!

We got down, and Anita asked straight away whether they could get into the tree… no convincing needed here!

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

There were some cool upturned boats, which made for great backgrounds!

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Down at Long Bay – it was fairly quiet for a sunny Saturday, and we had the sand dunes all to ourselves…

Auckland Wedding Photographers

The page boys & flowergirl came down to the beach to join us for a bit…

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Then we finished up with a few more bridal party shots..

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

The ceremony was held at Churchill Reserve – up on the hill. It was perfect – so secluded and private, with gorgeous views out over Rangitoto, and lovely afternoon light.

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

It was cool hearing one of the aisle songs for the processional by ‘Enya’ – when we were married, Amber walked in to an Enya song. We were both in our respective positions, waiting for the bridesmaids to come down the aisle, and as soon as the music started we both caught each other’s eye from 20 metres away… one of those real ‘naaawwww’ moments 😉

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

After the ceremony – there was a surprise!!

We headed down to the water, where we were going to shoot one more cool image – we knew about Anita’s surprise she had in mind, so we were racing the clock.

So we got down there, and shot our beautiful, sweeping, epic photo:

Auckland Wedding Photographers

And a quick natural light shot…

Auckland Wedding Photographers

And then it was surprise time!

Now – the back story.

When they were in the booking stages, the choice was narrowed down to us, or another photographer. The decision was made more complex by the fact that we cost a little more… in fact, it was either us – or the other photographer & buying a kayak.

So Anita decided to surprise Carl & give him both – us, and a kayak!! Only, the kayak was a hire one… and they were going for a kayak in it.

Right now.

Their friends came down the hill bearing the kayak…

Auckland Wedding Photographers

And changing was undertaken…

Auckland Wedding Photographers

I can honestly say, I’ve never seen a bride in a wetsuit before!!

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Then, they were off!

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Auckland Wedding Photographers

We jumped into the car and raced around to the next bay – where we were waiting as they arrived.

Auckland Wedding Photographers

Seriously – Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Getting changed out of her wedding dress wasn’t all in vain though – as Anita then put on a beautiful Chinese gown for the remainder of the evening.

Auckland Wedding Photographers

It was a fantastic wedding – and we were blown away with the kayak thing! You guys are such a genuine, sweet couple – and we had a ball working with you & your bridal party.

More photos to come soon!

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Isaac, Amber, and Holly.


  1. Mish says:

    Especially love the beach shots, and yes how cool is the kayak thing!
    Love how she left her veil on in the kayak!! Classic!


  2. Anita says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    It feels so real and at the same time so sureal!! The way you guys use the lens to tell the story is amazing!! The words also add a lot.

    Thank you and thank you from our heart!

  3. Saana says:

    I have to go with Anita with Wow!
    The pictures took me to the wedding where i
    wasnt. I got to be little part of it even thought
    i am the other side of the world. 🙂

    Bride looked sooo beautiful and groom handsome.
    The beach shoots were amazing!

  4. Fiona says:

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous. (will definitely keep this company in mind for my own wedding whenever this may happen, hehe!)

    Anita and Carl you both look stunning and so happy, I am overjoyed for you 🙂

  5. Michaela says:

    Anitkaaaaaaaaa!!!! I wish I were there!!!! OMG! You are a super model! you both looked great on your big day! I love those shots with umbrellas on the beach! Its like a movie scene! Gorgeous!!!!!!! and then you in y our chinese dress! absolutely stunning!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! xoxoxo

  6. Lyn Hume says:

    Fantastic innovative settings to capture a special day. Will be beautiful visual memories for all time. Congratulations

  7. Sue says:

    What amazing photos – Such beautiful memories to have

  8. bevyn @ Lyn Cornford says:

    Well what a lovely set of photos. The wedding ceremony venue was superb. We feel privileged to have had these photos sent to us.

  9. Roji says:

    Anita and Carl, you both really transformed into beautiful creatures on the day. It took us the whole day to get used to how gorgeous and handsome you two looked. I still am not over it but atleast the photos were able to capture your beauty and emotions of the day. I hope you enjoyed your special day :o)

  10. Jill says:

    Thanks to Carl’s mum, Shirley, I have been able to view these beautiful photos. Gorgeous couple and magnificent scenery. Perfect wedding photos. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Jill Goodall says:

    Fantastic! What memories you all will have.

  12. jackie griffin says:

    What lovely photos, they reflect what a wonderful day you both had and were glad we could help you celebrate it.

  13. Danni & Ced says:

    Hey Anita and Carl! Wow doesnt describe it sufficiently! Despite the fact that we are on the other side of the world and couldn’t be with you on your special day, we feel like through the photos we have still been able to share those amazing moments with you both. The Kayak idea was ingenious and we loved the changing into the chinese dress- Anita, you looked beautiful! We hope that you both had a fabulous time and look forward to more photos soon….

  14. Jerry says:

    Anita and Carl. Both of you simply look stunning on that day. And of course the kayak idea was very creative! Love it.

    All the photos look great – good photography as well as you two are simply gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  15. Shirley (Mum) says:

    Absolutely fabulous photos. So very very special. You have captured the best precious moments via your camera. (Great models of course!)
    I can’t wait to see the rest! Thankyou for enabling our treasured memories to always be with us and for enabling us to see what went on behind the bushes!! (and for your terrific organisation on the day also).

  16. Shirley & Rob says:

    Absolutely stunning photos. Anita’s ‘wow’ says it all but it would have to be a seriously big WOW! These are amazing. Your use of background, people arrangement and positioning, fading etc are superb. (Awesome subjects of course!)
    Thankyou for ensuring that our treasured memories remain visable.
    Yes we definately think that the hire canoe was the best option!

  17. carl says:

    The kayak was a surprise to me – how cool was that.
    I had a great day. Thanks to all for sharing it with us!

  18. Doris says:

    Congratulations Anita & Carl once again! You 2 look so great! And, this pictures look really really nice, i can feel the amtsmophere with there pictures even i wasnt there with you! Looking forward to see the rest!

  19. Sahrah says:

    Stunning photos & the kayak idea was inspired. You both look so happy & l wish you a lifetime of love together – Sahrah xx

  20. Jin says:

    Fabulous photos! Love the Kayak trip too!!

  21. Chia-jung @Taiwan says:

    How gorgeous and beautiful these are….the pictures, the couples…etc. I feel so sorry that i couldn’t be there that day. But still, congratulations, again! I feel happy especially for you, Anita. You loooks so great, and the kayak idea, wow! Wish you happy forever~

  22. Val says:

    These photos are so gorgeous. Bride and groom look stunning. What lovely memories to have.

  23. Marie says:

    What fantastic photos!!! You guys look absolutely stunning. Love the variety. Excellent choice of photgrapher/s. They have captured so many beautiful moments through out the day.

    Awesome “surprise” Anita – particularly like the photo with your veil still on 🙂

    Looking forward to seeeing the rest of the photos.

  24. Mike n Ava says:

    Great Wedding day! Love the sand and soil mixing part, creative and unique. Beautiful photos, lovely smiles! Thank God for Carl and Anita.

  25. Pat & Rita says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!!! Really enjoyed looking at them. The kayak trip was wonderful.

  26. Rachelle & Anthony says:

    Absolutely sunning photos – too many favourites – they all show a relaxed and happy couple in love on a beautiful and special day….than

  27. Rachelle & Anthony says:

    Oops – remainder of message: Thanks for sharing these photos with us 🙂

  28. Noeleen Wallace says:

    Fabulous photos, fabulous wedding, gorgeous couple. I had a lovely day and really enjoyed sharing it with you both. Thanks so much.

  29. Sunnyy says:

    Prefect style!

  30. Jane and Al says:

    Wow those photos are truly amazing. They capture the essence of the two of you. And what a fantastic day it was. Congratulations!!


  31. Shane Legg says:

    Wow, that was like a full on pro photo shoot!

    Stunning pictures.

    Oh, and congrats on getting married too!

  32. Myles and Sufong says:

    These photos are stunning, thye really capture the day and the atmosphere. Thanks for sharing them with us and for letting us share the day with you.

  33. Lu Chen says:

    Lovely photos!! So Gorgeous!! You looked so beautiful! Congratulations!!!!

  34. Lynley Frame - Celebrant on this special day says:

    Hi Anita and Carl. I love your photos you both look so beautiful. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your special wedding day.
    Such fun to see you went for a kayak ride after I left you both.
    Wishing you a wonderful life together.
    Love and blessings,
    Lynley Frame
    Your Marriage Celebrant

  35. Di says:

    wow – what a wonderful day you had – Congratulations. Loved the kayak, so true to your style – haha.
    Thank you for sharing your photos. Best wishes xx

  36. Carron and Anthony says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both for the future. The photos speak volumes about who you are – as individuals – and as a couple. Your id / inner selves really shone through. Thank you for sharing your special day. Carron and Anthony

  37. Vera Svechina says:

    Really great! Congratulations!


  38. Hi Carl and Anita,
    What a wonderful location for your wedding and such a lovely sunny day. You both look gorgeous, and the pictures are fab – yep, love the kayak thing. Well done Anita!
    Hope to see you both on a hike sometime.
    Big Congratulations.

  39. Chuji and Yoshiko says:

    Wow,Wow,Wow!!! Words are not enough to express this wonderful day.Photos speak themselves!

  40. Whiter says:

    WOW! beautiful photos!! awww what a gorgeous wedding and love the story with the photos too! Kayak! awesome… Congratulations ANita and Carl.

  41. Minoru & Michiko says:

    Carl-san, congratulations on your wedding! The photos are so beautiful and romantic: look like snapshots from a sort of stylish fashion magazine. Of course, it owes to the perfect couple. Wishing you both all the happiness forever.

  42. Ange & Phil says:

    Gorgeous pictures! You both looked stunning! Look forward to seeing more of these amazing creative shots! Well done on the kayak surprise Anita – Brilliant idea!!


  43. chirp Tung says:


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