Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos – Jason & Hilary’s sneak peek!

Hi guys 🙂

On Saturday last week, we made the trip down from Auckland to Taupo, where we photographed Jason & Hilary’s wedding at Huka Resort.

Jason is from Canada (and he, his family, and their Canadian guests reaffirmed my belief that Canadians are some of the most polite, lovely, and genuine people in the world!). It’s winter in Canada.

Hilary is from NZ (Tokoroa, if you want to be specific!) – and is an Iron Woman champion. I have a lot of respect for anyone that can swim. And then bike. And then run. I don’t think I could manage one single stage of either.. let alone the whole lot!

About 5 minutes before we arrived at the boys’ place to begin the preparation shots… my mobile rang. It was Jason – “umm.. the suit hire place forgot to include one of our suits. And it was my one. We had to drive back to Hamilton, and are now in Putaruru on the way back.. so an hour away”…

Oops. So we instead began around at the girls.. making excuses for the boys so that Hilary wouldn’t find out!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

The detailing on the back of Hilary’s dress was gorgeous.

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

The bridesmaids were all school friends of Hilary’s… and they were fantastic. So willing & enthusiastic to help them out, and nothing was too hard. Just perfect examples of keeping the bride stressfree & looking out for her. Well done ladies!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Around at the boys’ place – things were coming together, and Jason was ready to go.
He had a smile on his face the entire day!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

The groomsmen did a great job – always on hand to hassle Jason & get him laughing!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Then it was off to the gardens, where they were going to see each other for the first time.
Hilary’s Dad about to help her out of the car..

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Anyone who thinks that meeting beforehand to do photos will “lose that special moment when you see one another for the first time”… obviously needs to see these next few shots.

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Their parents were also there to experience the special moment – which I thought was lovely.

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

The boys all had embroidered boxer shorts with ‘groom’ or ‘groomsmen’ written on the back.. and were keen as to drop their trousers & show the girls. This is what they thought..

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Then it was off to Kinloch, where we were doing the majority of the bridal party photos.

On the way, we stopped at this great field… and had some time with just Jason & Hilary.

And then we had some more time.

Finally… we had to check out where the bridal party had ended up… their car had broken down. We weren’t toooo worried though, as while we waited we had the time to shoot these images:

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

The clouds had been rolling in all morning – and the skies were looking very dramatic… so we got our lights out & made the most of it.

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

We then headed down to Kinloch proper… and caught up with the bridal party. A few little spits of rain were just beginning… but the parasols came in handy as umbrellas!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

By the time we finished up, the rain had begun to fall… and the boys hopped into the cars to drive back to Huka Resort. We needed to give them a headstart before following along with the girls… so had time for a couple more shots.

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

As we drove back to the resort, we were so thankful for doing the photos before the ceremony… as by this time, the rain was pelting down… and it didn’t stop. In fact, the following day, camping grounds in Taupo were evacuated due to flooding – and most of the North Island was battered by the weather. Perfect timing.

It did mean that the ceremony was moved inside the chapel at the resort – which was beautiful. I loved the Maori designs on the paneling inside.

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

One of the readings in their ceremony talked about a Native American belief that butterflies carried wishes to the Great Spirit. The guests were invited to think of a wish for Jason & Hilary.. after which they released some beautiful Monarch butterflies.. which made their way out the windows of the church and off to the Great Spirit. It was very beautiful.

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Over at the reception… they had a canvas which people could paint cute little love hearts onto. But some people were more adventurous in making their mark!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos
Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Every single flower on this cake is made from sugar. Isn’t that incredible!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

They also had a cartoonist at the reception doing caricatures of the guests. He was AMAZING. Some super cool drawings resulted.

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Later in the evening, we were introduced to the ‘shoe game’ .. which is a tradition (from Switzerland?? I think??) that involves taking off your shoes, and each having one of your own, and one of the other’s, shoes. A variety of questions were asked… “who is more romantic”.. etc… and they needed to raise the shoe of the person they thought best fit, without seeing what the other thought.

It was super cute – and they actually agreed on 90% of all the questions!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Later in the evening, we did a few fun photobooth shots with a frame…

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Jason & Hilary had prepared a surprise, choreographed first dance – very cool!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Then everyone was showed how it was REALLY supposed to be done:

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

The party kicked off, the dancefloor was full, and people had a great time!!

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Just before we left at the end of the evening, we managed to sneak a few final romantic shots..

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

Huka Resort Taupo wedding photos

We headed home – shattered, but content after witnessing a gorgeous couple having a beautiful wedding.
And we listened to the rain on the roof.

Thank you both so much for trusting us to capture your day – we had a blast doing so.
Enjoy this little taste of what’s to come.

Isaac & Amber.


  1. Mish says:

    Wow yet again another stunning album 🙂

    I can’t pick my fave shot…. like them all so much!

    PS what a gorgeously happy couple! x

  2. Anita says:

    The photos are fantastic. Almost had a wee cry at the look of anticipation on your and Scott’s faces when you were about to see each other. Such love throughout all the photos, and I think they showed the character of the entire bridal party. The first shot of all the bridal party with the parasol was one of my favourite. Congratulations Hilary and Scott.

  3. Anita says:

    Sorry, too many long days at work! Jason, not Scott. It’s Mr & Mrs Scott 😀

  4. Ange Leigh says:

    Amazing photos! Hilary you looked so beautiful and Jay you scrub up ok too! It looks like you had an amazing day and have some beautiful memories. Congratulations.

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    Oh my goodness! I am soooo excited to see these! Now I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you so, so, so much for your hard work (looong day)! You were so wonderful to work with and fun! I also appreciate all the extra things you did which helped our day to run smoothly. I can’t wait to see the rest! Hilary xo

  10. Casey says:

    Amazing photos – I really feel like you’ve captured the love that Hilz and Jason have. Was awesome having you flitting around during the festivities that evening too! 🙂 p.s. love the blog as well, it was like I was able to be apart of the whole day

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    Thank you all very much for the kind words, without our wonderful families, and friends we would not have been able to have such an amazing day. And a HUGE thanks to the 2 best perspectives in all of NZ, Isaac and Amber, you guys captured our special day for us to reflect upon for years to come. Thanks again everyone!!!

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