Hahei wedding photos – Jon & Gemma’s sneak peek

On Friday, we headed up to Hahei to photograph Jon & Gemma’s wedding.

From the moment we arrived (and saw Jon shirtless, practicing a song with the Ukulele band) we knew things were going to be a little different!

They went with a beach / caravan theme – inspired by their fantastic little caravan (in which Gemma arrived at the ceremony, towed by a tractor) – and along with the theme went mis-matched kitsch plates, and cool little folded paper caravans for each table. It was obvious that a huge amount of time & effort had gone into setting it all up & making the decorations, but totally worth it! It was the Kiwi summer holiday – down to a T.

Then it was off to see Gemma – who was looking stunning in her beautiful Kate Dowman dress – and a few pre-ceremony photos…

Gemma arrived in style at the ceremony..

But Jon – not to be outdone – countered with a poem he had written about the two of them & their caravan, which had pretty much everyone crying (including us).

Afterward, we headed down to the beach (with the bridesmaids & Jon’s “Man-tourage” in tow) for a few shots – the light was beautiful coming through the trees… and as usual, Holly got some of the best shots of the day… this girl just keeps getting better!

On the way back to the reception, we stopped for a few photos with the caravan – I think these look great with a bit of a vintage tone applied to them.. almost like old holiday snaps.

Last (but definitely not least) we grabbed a few images at the base of a huge pohutakawa tree – strategically avoiding the Daihatsu Sirion that was convienently parked about a foot outside the frame here… romantic.

Their speeches were off the charts – it was more like watching live comedy than listening to wedding speeches!
We headed home buzzing – such a fun day… and pizza in Thames on the way home wasn’t even too bad.

Thanks so much Jo-Gem for inviting us along to share a part in your day – we had a blast 🙂

Isaac, Amber, & Holly.


  1. Mrs Bridges says:


    Thank you guys so much!! These photos look amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest of them.


  2. Pip & Trev says:

    Absolutely amazing photos. Where were you guys when we got married!
    Stunning. Will be hard to pick the shot of the day based on these previews.

  3. Hudsie says:

    Wow, to top off the BEST wedding ever are the BEST wedding photos ever. If being cool ever goes out of style then you two are in big trouble. Amazing work photographers. hot

  4. Yatesy says:

    Stunning. Jon and Gemma scrub up alright don’t they? Really lovely shots of a really lovely day.
    Nice work.

  5. Kelson says:

    Such a cool wedding, stunningly captured by a ninja team of photographers. Proud to have been a part of it all. x.

  6. Mr & Mrs Downsy says:

    Great photos! I particularly like the out of focus people ion the background.

  7. Nikki says:

    Absolutely stunning photos. Having excellent photos is key and sums up an amazing wedding so great work! Sorry about the car being in the way!
    We would like to get a few photos of the lovely couple. We would also like ones of family and one of the stunners taken of our wee Zara. Miss you all and Hahei already. xxxx

  8. Tracey says:

    That first mantourage shot is rocking. And the ones of Gem are gorgeous! These are truly awesome photos. Almost makes you want to get married.

  9. Trinity says:

    I like the caravan picture (but not the one where Jon and Gemma are k.i.s.s.i.n.g).AWESOME

  10. Grainger says:

    I like all of the pictures. I especially like the one where you’re sitting outside the caravan and the one of Hudsie – well all of them – being gangsters.

  11. Megan says:

    SO beautiful. Amazing wedding and amazing record of the day. I want to go again this weekend. I am addicted to JoGEM – truly outrageous and ridiculously good looking. Gemma is just BEAUTIFUL. Jon not so much, but handsome which is appropriate. Hot mantourage too. Whoah. Not sure why Kelson is making a triangle with his hands though….

  12. Hudsie (again) says:

    Isaac’s WS of the bride and groom and the gnarly tree is my favourite. Tracey’s comment says it all, JoGem can turn anyone into a romantic.
    Gemma you are so beautiful! Now I must away… can you get Mills and Boon on a kindle?

  13. Jocelyn says:

    The wedding was unbelievably beautiful and these photos capture the feeling perfectly.

  14. Merylin says:

    Brilliant wedding, brilliant day, brilliant photos. Having a relaxed, friendly wedding takes a lot of background organisation. Well done. Loved it all. (Apologies to all the young men I dragged up on the dance floor.)

  15. Jane says:

    Congratulations Gem and Jon, looks like you had an amazing day! The photos are just stunning….

  16. Maureen and Ted says:

    Jon and Gemma, these are wonderful…. great to see all the gang together again! Have a lovely life! xxxx

  17. D'Arcy and Kelly says:

    Yeah, yeah, YEAH!!!! Gorgeous photos my sweets, lovely to see the old man hasn’t shaved and is wearing a grey suit…All style kids. Big love and thanks for a beautiful weekend by the sea…

  18. Catherine and David Latter says:

    Thank you for sharing the photos with us. The photography is stunning and Gemma, you look beautiful. Have a wonderful life together and may all your dreams come true!

  19. Miranda & Eddy says:

    Wuvv, twue wuvv, and marrwage…sigh…a picture says a thousand words – these photos are babbling hot! It was totally choice. I love my plate too. Thanks for letting us share your special day. xxooxx

  20. Daniel says:

    These pictures are exactly like the day – simply beautiful. I wish we could do it all over again.

  21. Aunty P says:

    These photos are just stunning. Gem is every inch the beautiful bride and you both looked so happy .

  22. Gem's Bliss says:

    Beautiful photos, just like my little bliss xx

  23. Uncle M says:

    What fantastic photos – what a fantastic day – what a fantastic weekend. You two are so happy in love.

  24. Kath Davies says:

    Loved seeing your wedding photos. I believe a wonderful day was had by all.

  25. Helen says:

    such great photos! You both look gorgeous, these photos perfectly capture what has surely been the best wedding EVER.

  26. Julia Davies says:

    WOWzers! What a beautiful couple. It really was a day to remember forever. Congratulations again Mr and Mrs B xox


    Gemma and Jon what a fabulous venue for a truely beautiful wedding. he photos are amazing especialy the one under the huge pohut – enjoy the rest of your live together.
    PS Mike cant believe his scruffy little scout girl has scrubbed up into a stunner.

  28. Yvonne, Gary and the gang says:

    What a wonderful record of a beautiful day, we will always treasure the memories. Here’s a toast to Jon and Gemma!

  29. Jenny & Steve says:

    What an awesome couple; what an awesome wedding; and what awesome photos!! Perfect – absolutely perfect!!

  30. Noeline says:

    A lovely record of a special day. The tree may now become ‘their Family Tree’, to return to for happy memories and to introduce any future ‘little’ family members to! The best of very good health to John, Gemma and tree!

  31. Roy & Sandy says:

    Our darling Gemma, you look so amazingly beautiful and Jon, so handsome, your happiness is a joy to see. It was indeed a fantastic weekend and so great to share it with so many lovely people.

  32. Frances &Allin Russell says:

    Wow what a fantastic wedding .Gemma you look so beautiful and the Blue dresses are perfect for the beach.It was good to see Amy looking fabulous after her baby.
    The photographs are amazing .Best wishes to you and Jon and many years of happy caravaning together !!
    Love Frances & Allin

  33. Was terribly excited to receive these pictures today. We miss you guys. Gemma was as gorgeous as ever and Jon was just Jon – the best. The trailer was a good touch. Love to all the family. Aunt Sandra and Uncle Dewayne

  34. Gayle, Madi and Jess says:

    These pics are stunning, how will you choose, there is not a bad one amongst them. Gem you looked “divine”, such a happy beautiful couple. It was the most wonderful wedding, in the best of settings, what a shame its over. Love to you both.

  35. Sandy & Dave says:

    Wow!!!! Truly stunning. Wish we could have been there. Love You

  36. Todd Bridges says:

    Hey Cuz

    Looks like you married up; way to go 🙂

    Welcome to the family Gemma, we look forward to meeting you one day.


  37. Becky Savage says:

    I also say ‘hey cuz’! Wow! I love the pictures – you two are beautiful of course but the scenery is breathtaking. And since I am the only one in my family that hasn’t been to nz, I have to savor the pictures! I also say welcome to the Bridges family Gemme! Love, Becky, Kevin, Nicole, and Jake

  38. The other John Bridges says:

    Fantastic pictures. The scenary is lovely. It confirms our need for a return visit, as it is the only place we didn’t get to. Gemma you look stunning. the pop up caravan on the table is great. Jon, send us a copy of the poem.

  39. Fiona Massey says:

    What gorgeous photos and what a great wedding theme, you both look fantastic, Gemma you look gorgeous. All the best for your future life together xxx

  40. Robyn says:

    Amazing photos! Amazing day/weekend. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  41. Alex Simmonds says:

    Looks like an amazing day guys. Congratulations and all the best for the future.

  42. Jacki and Barry says:

    Fabulous photos what a beautiful couple and the beautiful setting.Wow!