Glen & Amanda’s wedding photos – sneak peek! Woodlands, Hamilton wedding photos

Hey guys,

Yesterday we had the pleasure of photographing Glen & Amanda’s beautiful wedding – and what a gorgeous day it was!

We kicked off out at Woodlands, where the boys were getting ready…

Then it was off to Amanda’s hairdresser & getting ready shots – this first shot is her nails being put on – with superglue!! (how’s that going, Amanda?? They won’t be going anywhere!)

The tricky supergluing provided a great source of amusement for the family…

Top marks to bridesmaid Lauren – for not gluing herself, or the dress!!

Then it was off to Woodlands for a few quick pre-ceremony shots… and then the rest of the day unfolded from there!

We had a great time – hope the rest of your evening was just as much fun!

Enjoy the images, and will have more on the way soon 🙂

Isaac & Amber.


  1. Congratulations Glen & Amanda 🙂
    Good to see you two so happy.

    Very nice photography Isaac & Amber