David & Nikki’s wedding – sneak peek! Hamilton Reformed Church, Hamilton Gardens wedding photos

Hi guys,

On Friday we had the pleasure of photographing David & Nikki’s wedding at the Reformed Church, followed by a fun photoshoot around the Hamilton Gardens.

After their ceremony, they went off for a reception lunch – and we headed home to put our feet up for a few hours, meeting up with the bridal party afterwards for some photos.

We began at a wharf by the river, which was where David proposed to Nikki – so a very special place!!

Then it was off to the Hamilton Gardens… we started off with some shots utilizing the amazing, dramatic clouds – just stunning!
The bridal party then decided they’d like to make a whirlpool in the fountain…. along with a valiant “Blue Steel” signature look (watch Zoolander if you’re confused!).

The very end of the day was marked by the boys shaving off their beards that they had been growing – which was a hilarious way to cap off a fantastic photo shoot.

We had a really great time, enjoy the photos!

Isaac 🙂


  1. Jeremy and Louise says:

    Wow, we love the photos. Louise and I had a great time, having fun and enjoying this day with Dave and Nikki. Feels great to be clean shaven.

  2. Gary Bouda says:

    The photos capture the feeling of the day in a great way. Well done.

  3. Liz Bouda says:

    Gorgeous photo’s! The colours come through amazing.
    Loved the shot of Nikki in the mirror and the other one on the hill with the cloudy sky in background, and those green shoes!!! Awesome, well done. Was a great day!

  4. Christine Edgar says:

    Hey I particularly like the photo of the four sisters in close together. Looks really great and will be a treasured memory for them to look back on. Lovely service and best wishes for the future.

  5. Love the photos! Glad that my big bro turned out looking good in them. I think it just showed that we all were really just stuffing around and having a bit of fun (and looking forward to shaving our beards off).

  6. Abigail Willemse says:

    Wow – these are really beautiful photos!!!! I especially liked the ones on the hill with the cloudy back drop and the ones with the sisters – stunning. Looks like you had a wonderful day – sorry that I couldn’t be there, but the photos make up for it somewhat!

  7. John and Gay Hagoort says:

    Fantastic photos. The whole wedding party were obviously enjoying the day and every moment has been captured beautifully.

  8. Gea Willemse says:

    Stunning photos! Just loved, loved the one of all the sisters together- just beautiful! The crispness of the green dresses has been captured so well.We have 4 daughters- I’ll be remembering these photos when planning weddings……………………………

  9. Great photographs – captures the essence of Nikki and Davids happiness during their wedding day, they will be really pleased to be able to look back with fondness
    on these memories.

  10. Rosalie ten Hove says:

    lovely photos I especially like the balcony ones and the one where all the wedding party is by the pool/fountain, everyone looks Great!!

  11. Kerry says:

    The most stunning wedding photos I have ever seen!! Congratulations!

  12. Michael Willemse says:

    Isaac, you’ve made a fantastic job of these photos. The colours are captured so vividly and you’ve managed to capture everyone looking very natural – some classic facial expressions (especially Julia in the “mafia” shot on the balcony!) Well done.

  13. Sjannette Hagoort says:

    Wish we would have been there. The photographers did an amazing job. My favourite photos are of Nikki & David on the grass (presumably at the Ham. Gardens) where they seem to be twirling, with the first two of that batch outstanding. The lighting and the pickup the cloud formation is incredible. Well done !!!

  14. Charles ten Hove says:

    These are the most beautiful girls in the world. Of course being their Dad I’m gonna say that! I agree that Issac and Amber have done a excellent job at not only capturing but also creating these photographs. They really do express the delight of day to those involved. A tribute to a proffesional amalgamation of great skill, great equipment, great creativity and great people skills!

  15. Rosalie Voschezang says:

    Wow, what photos! Looking at these photos you will always be able to remember your special day with great joy. Isaac, between you and your wife there is an amazing amount of talent.

  16. Squeege voschezang says:

    stunning photes Isaac, i don’nt think thy could ask for beter!!!!

  17. p and c de vries says:

    absolutely beautiful photos. was wonderful to be able to be there for your wedding. thanks for the great day.

  18. Diana Julian says:

    What absolutely beautiful photos. A credit to Isaac and Amber. The bridal party looked so happy and relaxed, looked as if they were having such a great time.

  19. Glenda de Vries says:

    Thank you Isaac & Amber for capturing such a special day. The photos are absolutely stunning, a real testament to your amazing talents. The girls look beautiful and I have never seen my sons look so handsome. I love the shots
    of the boys without the beards. Nikki & David look so happy, what wonderful memories these photos will give them.

  20. Nathan Ram says:

    I have to agree! these are the most amazing photos! from what looks like the most beautiful wedding! congrats to you guys!

  21. Josella Hagoort says:

    absolutely fantastic photos! love the ones with the clouds and the photo of all the girls with their green eyes and green dresses!

  22. Anna Rhee says:

    Wow, wow! Mr and Mrs. Galuszka! Nikki, you look absolutely beautiful! Tracy, Louise and Julia you guys look exactly the same and beautiful as the last time I saw you which was like, I don’t know, 7 years ago? lol! Congratulations to the happy couple! Nikki, don’t forget our catch up date when I go back to NZ ;-)!!

  23. Danielle Capill (nee Bangma) says:

    WOW!!!! Didn’t realise you guys were married but you both looked AMAZING!!!! You had a very photogenic group… your photos are just as AMAZING as you two! Congratulations guys!