David & Kim’s Wedding – Sneak Preview

Yesterday we ventured up to Auckland to shoot David & Kim’s wedding at West Harbour.

We already knew Kim, who was a bridesmaid at another wedding we photographed, so it was really nice to already have that connection.

Although the wind was a bit chilly, the sun was lovely & warm, and guaranteed some cool shots around Christmas Beach & the marina.

The photos are lovely – here’s a peek at what we’re working on… enjoy!

More to come soon!



  1. colin says:

    love the second pic…. classic

  2. Terianne says:

    Fantastic shots Isaac and Amber…absolutely love the doorway shot- the lighting is amazing! and the shot of Bride and Groom under the rambling archway is beautiful.

  3. Isaac de Reus says:

    Thanks guys! I'm stoked with the 2nd shot, it came out exactly as I envisaged.. it is a result of Amber holding a flash unit on the other side of the door & pointing it back towards Kim, while I shot from back down the hallway. Teamwork gets results!!