Auckland Zoo wedding photos – Trent & Angela’s sneak peek!

Hi guys,

On Saturday, we headed off to photograph Trent & Angela’s wedding at the Auckland Zoo.

For the week leading up to their wedding, I hadn’t been able to get the “We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo… How about you, you you?” song of my childhood out of my head… and it was the same story on the day. I think Amber & Holly may have got sick of me singing it.

We began around at Trent & Angela’s home, for some shots with the boys..

Then it was off to the Stamford Plaza hotel in town, where we caught up with Angela and her bridesmaids.
I learned that there actually is a valid reason for having those little sprinkler heads dotted down hotel hallways… obviously they’re for hanging dresses on!

There was a little bit of jewelry deconstruction / rebuilding going on too, along with the necessary implements.

Angela & her bridesmaids looked amazing.

The hotel also had a cool patch of light… we love those (being geeky photographers and all)

We then headed down to the zoo… I love this shot of Kathy (the celebrant) reassuring Trent as the cars arrive and Angela is just about to walk down the aisle.

We had extra access to areas of the zoo not usually open to the public, which was really cool.
This one is called “Willow Island” – we shot the immediate family photos down here, which was beautiful with this soft backlight. Then a few more shots with the bridal party, and just the two of them

For the bridal party photos, we wandered around a loop circuit of the zoo (well, some of us wandered, and others got to ride in the zoomobiles!) – Trent got his wish of a shot with the groomsmen imitating the monkey… you can see him hanging in the background, wondering what’s going on!

I think the monkeys might have been a little threatened by these 4 guys moving in on their turf & dancing around… because pretty soon after this shot was taken, monkey backup arrived – and we could still hear them screaming from halfway around the zoo!

The Sealion didn’t come right up close to the glass while we were standing there, but I still love the silhouette shot (and you can see him in the distance, near the surface).

The grounds around the zoo are gorgeous too – we needed to climb a fence to get into this tree area, but the keepers said it was OK, so off we went!

The keeper then asked whether Trent & Angela would be interested in feeding a giraffe… which is definitely the first time we’ve had the pleasure of incorporating both a giraffe and a bride & groom into the one photo.

There was a lion too.

But they weren’t allowed to feed him.

Our lovely walk around the zoo finished up at the Pridelands, where we made use of the cool lines & architecture of the boardwalks in the images…

We had such a fun day – Trent & Angela were just so laid back & relaxed, and very much in love… and all we needed to do was enjoy the ride!
Thanks so much for having us along – you guys rock 🙂

Isaac, Amber, and Holly.


  1. Connie Miller says:

    just gorgeous – of course. x

  2. Mrajorie Scott says:

    Beautiful photos and they captured the day really well. Love the photos of Angela and Trent feeding the Giraffe.

  3. Julia says:

    Just beautiful

  4. Mike Lloyd says:

    Amazing photos… true professionals…

  5. Sherry & Steph says:

    Stunning photos which captured the day beautifully.

  6. sue graczer says:

    Stunning. A really original backdrop. Wonderful memories of a happy day.

  7. jo lord says:

    Awesome photos. It was a beautiful day.

  8. Heather Gunner says:

    Absolutely amazing photos, gorgeous bride and groom, biggest smiles ever seen, loved it

  9. Janet & Kate says:

    WOW what amazing photos! You all look amazing! I love the Zoo theme! Thanks guys for sharing your special day with us!!! xxxxxx

  10. Brendon says:

    Awesome photos and looks like you had a fantastic day in a very cool setting.

  11. Jenni & Ross says:

    Love the photos – really well shot. Ange you look gorgeous and radiant! Trent you look the proud husband!

  12. Bex & Sienna says:

    Fantastic photos guys, your photography team did so well to capture the day for you!! Ange you looked so stunning!! And, Trent didnt scrub up too bad either 😉 You both look so happy in these pics, and what a fantastic setting!

  13. Stacey says:

    Fantastic photos! Can’t wait to see more

  14. Brad McLeigh says:

    Awesome photos….got to be the boys with the monkeys and giraffe shots as my favourites!!

  15. Zelda says:

    Angela and Trent, Congratulations…your photos are really beautiful. What a great job photographers! You both looked lovely on your special day. A pity that I missed it. Thanks for sharing your pics. All the best, Vern – Zed – Sarah xxx

  16. Sharon skilling says:

    Looks like you had an amazing day peeps, qis over here in scotland send all out love and best wishes for a wonderfull marriage to match what looks like an amazing day x ps now I want to get married in a zoo x x

  17. Annette Blyth says:

    Viewing your photos was such a pleasure, great back ground with all the animals. Favourite was the one with the giraffe up close.
    The guys and girls outfits looked amazing. Ange I was most impressed with your stunning dress, you have great taste.
    You all looked like you had a lot of fun doing the photos.

  18. Tina Chen says:

    Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a wonderfull day. Congratulations Angela and Trent.

  19. Priya says:

    Perfect Day, Perfect Place, Perfect Lighting. My favorite part is how gorgeous the couple looks and of course, how cute that they have a chimp and giraffe for company at a wedding :)…Picture Perfect in every way . Congratulations Ange and Trent!

  20. Jun says:

    Awesome photos, watched 3 times…congratulations to Angela and Trent!!!

  21. Rach says:

    Absolutely stunning photo’s! Congrats to you both.

  22. Fionna says:

    OMG, these photos are absolutely beautiful and Ange you look absolutely stunning. I hope that when I get married my day is as picture perfect as yours. Congratulations!

  23. Janine says:

    Ange you look so beautiful!; Trent I love the monkey’s! So glad I was there to share your day, the photos capture it all so well 🙂

  24. Helen Susans says:

    Absolutely amazing photos, Ange you looked totally stunning. And love the Zoo theme, fab! Congratulations to you both xx

  25. Glennis says:

    Great photos – they catch those special happy smiles brilliantly!!

  26. Michelle & Craig says:

    Awesome photos. Ang you look gorgeous and Trent very handsome. It was a beautiful day. My fav photo would have to be the one with the giraffe…. so cute!

  27. angela says:

    my real name is angela polak and it is funny cause there is a boy that sits next to me in class thats name is trent.

  28. angela says:

    the reason why i know this website is cause my friend mia heard people in my class talking about it.And their weird for talking about this.