Auckland wedding photos – David & Lara’s sneak peek!

Hey guys,

On Friday, we headed up the Awhitu Peninsula (which is here)…

To photograph Dave & Lara’s wedding.

If you remember this blog post – these guys set the bar pretty high in terms of coolness… and once we arrived out at their locations to do our spot checks in the morning, we confirmed that they indeed have EPIC taste – some amazing vistas, old concrete ruins, and a little church on a hill.

Unfortunately, along came the wind.

A screaming southwest coming straight off the sea meant that they had to move their ceremony location – and we didn’t end up using the ruins either, as they were too exposed. It was so windy, we had to lean hard on the insides of the car doors just to get them open when we stopped!

Lara was looking fantastic in her dress..

When we arrived at the boys place, I loved this little cut-out with instructions on tying a tie..

These next two shots were taken at almost the same instant – the girls keeping a close eye on the tying progress!

Then it was off to the ceremony – a few showers came through just before Lara’s arrival, but at least they made for some really dramatic skies in the photos!

Here’s the little church where the ceremony was originally intended to be – unfortunately, it’s too small to fit all their guests inside – hence needing to move the location.
It was great to head down there afterwards for some photos though..


Just above the church was a hill that we climbed up, to get some of the sweeping scenery in behind – I like that you can see the church popping up there too.

Next stop was Matakawau beach – an area where Lara grew up, so it held special significance (as well as being a freakin beautiful beach that we would have used even without the significant aspect!)

Woohoo – married!!

Enjoy this little sneak peek of some shots from the day… and we’ll definitely need to get these guys dressed back up for a TTD shoot where we can use those ruins that were in Plan A (and there’s also a Lighthouse, we hear)…

Hope you have as much fun looking through these as we did taking them 🙂

Isaac & Amber


  1. Craig & Sharon Roberts says:

    Isaac & Amber,
    Fantastic photos of Dave & La. Thrilled to see such great work. Waiting for the rest of the photos will be unbearingly difficult. You guys are not only craftsmen with the camera but really cool to work with. Thankyou. Craig & Sharon

  2. Very cool set of photographs, considering the conditions out there!
    Look forward to the TTD shoot at the ruins 🙂

  3. (Cousin) Elizabeth says:

    Wow, I am in awe of these photos!! Everyone looks sooooo good in them – Lara and David – what a cool couple. I really hope that the smile on their faces remains for the rest of their married life.

    PS Do you you travel – we really needed professionals on our family weekend at the Chateau! *LOL* Perhaps next time??

  4. (Cousin) Barbara says:

    I heard from Auntie Olive how lovely the wedding was. To see such fabulous photos (and the commentary) is an extra special privilege. Best wishes to you all

  5. Ineke Hubers says:

    I love these photos! I hope Lara found our “girls keeping a close eye on the tying progress” amusing.
    It was a great day and I’m glad Dave and La have some awesome photos to look back on 🙂

  6. Jody Stone says:

    Lara, you definitely look better than Stiff 🙂

  7. Amber & Isaac you truely are amazing artists,you came into our home on a cloud of calm amongst our chaos!!well frenzied activity.You quietly and calmly did what you had to do,original time lines went out the window and you just went with the flow,we hardly realized you were here, and now to see the photo’s – they are absolutely stunning,like The Roberts Family the wait to see the rest will be hard.Everyone who has seen them have been blown away and say they are the best photo’s they have ever seen,I recommend you to everyone as the most perfect photographers in every way.A Great Big Thank You from jackie and henk

  8. Jinny says:

    beautiful photos guys! La, you look sooooooooooo amazing.. sometimes it pays to have black clouds in the sky, it made the photos look wicked!!
    xxx Jinny

  9. The Jenkins says:

    These photo’s are amazing – even managed to make Dave look pretty good! Lara, you look just stunning. Well done to all involved. Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did and can’t wait to see the rest of the other photos.

  10. Linda Tran says:

    WOW, i’m speechless. LOVE THE PHOTOS. Lara, Dave and the Bridal party look great. Was a great day. Love the photo of the church. Doesn’t look real.

  11. Amazing photos guys!!!! Love the 3rd photo down of your pretty blue eyes La!!! and the dramatic skies do look really awesome – glad the rain held off when we arrived! xxxx

  12. Alison Lindsay says:

    What fabulous photos – they really capture the day perfectly. The whole event was so relaxed and joyful – a really special time. Congratulations to all involved!

  13. Bronwyn Rautenbach says:

    Mr and Mrs Roberts…the photo’s definitely do your day justice! La you looked so beautiful and Dave you made a rather dapper groom. xoxoxo

  14. Megan says:

    oh wow those photos are fantastic and Lara looks gorgeous! Dave looks great too. And the bridemaids….well what can I say! Wonderful Cermony! Conrats Mr and Mrs Roberts. All the best xoxox

  15. Aimee says:

    Absolutely amazing photos, and such an beautiful bride!!! xxxx

  16. Beautiful photos Lara …..brought tears to my eyes!

  17. Jo Gatward says:

    O for Awesome!!! They’re georgeous photos.

  18. Lee says:

    What beautiful photos. But how could they not be gorgeous – just look at what they had to work with – everyone looked fantastic!

  19. Julie Rodgers (car) says:

    Fantastic photos hard to pick the best but loved the ones at the Chapel up on the hill. A lovely couple I really enjoyed the afternoon.

  20. Nic says:

    Awesome photos, Awesome day

  21. April says:

    These photos are absoubtly BEAUTIFUL! It was an awesome day and the photos have really captured the wonderful moments! Lara you are a beautiful bride, and Stiff….well mate you scrub up very nicely. Love the belt