Aimee’s Portrait Shoot

We needed to have a wander around Hamilton City Centre to gain some inspiration for a wedding that we’re shooting in August (stay tuned for Luke & Sarah’s photos in the future) – and luckily our friend Aimee stepped in as model for us.
So here’s what we found, and a few of our fav shots..

Cool aye! Thanks Aimee for being such a willing model (victim).
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  1. sarah says:

    Hi guys, so loving these photos and getting really excited about our ‘urban’ theme. Its going to be great fun. See you on the 23rd and looking forward to meeting you Amber.


  2. Isaac de Reus says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Thanks – we’re really excited about it too, it’ll be really fun!

    See you in about a month – not long to go now!