5th March – Mark & Angela’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Today Alysse & I headed up to Cassells in Auckland to photograph Mark & Angela’s wedding.

Back in Hamilton, the weather was overcast – and we were excited about going to shoot down at Bethells Beach after the ceremony.

By the time we arrived at Ange’s parents place on the North Shore for the getting ready shots, it was looking a little more ominous, but still hadn’t rained.

As we drove out West for the ceremony, it began raining… and raining… and didn’t stop!!

So we scrapped the beach and instead went down to the Swanson train station – which was really fun!! It had the benefit of being undercover – and there were about 5 trains go past while we were there – what more could you want!!

So here are a few of the shots – enjoy this little taste of what’s to come!



  1. wow..these sample pictures are amazingly cute..these photos are a total remebrance to those two.

    the way the shots look, this is a work of art..one look of it and it catches all your attetion.