2 December – More shots from Ken & Laura’s wedding

Hey all,

Here are a few more shots from Ken & Laura’s wedding a week ago – a little something to keep you going!!

I’ve yet to get to bed before 1am the last few days – looks like it’s going to be one of those weeks!
(and it’s not even February yet!)

Although the good news is that I soon get to focus 100% of the time on weddings – for those of you who don’t know, Amber & I are also both full-time teachers – which certainly keeps us busy!

So at the moment, it’s teaching in the day-time, editing photos at night, and weddings on weekends! School is nearly finished for the year though, and next year I’m going fulltime into the photography business – so I can do all of this stuff during the day, rather than the small hours of the morning! I’m very excited!

So enjoy the photos – and we’ll have more up soon!



  1. Sarah Cox - bridesmaid says:

    oh wow! Ken and laura look so amazing – what awesome photos Isaac and Amber, well done – it was worth FOUR hours!! The photo’s show just how happy and sweet Ken and Laura are and the backdrops are stunning.