16th Feb – Michael & Paula’s wedding – Sneak Preview

On Saturday we photographed Michael & Paula’s wedding at the Reformed Church in Hamilton.

Although it rained most of the day, by the time the photo shoot arrived it had cleared up beautifully – with just enough cloud to soften the light & make for great photos!

Their bridal party photo shoot was heaps of fun – as 9 of the 10 members of the bridal party had gone to Hamilton Christian School, they wanted to revisit their glory days with a “school themed” photo shoot – which was really cool!

So… we have included in the shots a posed “class photo” (which reminds me, I never want to be a school photographer – haha!); a few shots in the classrooms with suitably bored looking ‘students’ – and a secret rendezvous in the library! All in all – very fun!

We stopped off on the way back from the school at a field close to where Paula lives, and so we were able to combine some sweeping landscape shots with a place which is significant to them as well.

It was a fantastic day – enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more soon!



  1. Jai Ivarsson says:

    You have done an amazing job with those photos. Having been there, and then seeing the final result, I’m speechless.

  2. Isaac de Reus says:

    Thanks Jai!

    For those who don't know, Jai is a videographer – he and his wife Sarah worked with us at Michael & Paula's wedding and were awesome!

    I would highly recommend them – check out their site – http://www.jaiivarsson.co.nz/

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, this is Michael and Paula checking out your work from the beautiful Queenstown.

    Nice! We’ve never looked so good!

    Thanks for being great fun to work with. =)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unreal! Beautiful!

    I like the atmosphere captured in the rural landscape photos… serenity, peace, love…

  5. sjh says:

    These are exceptionally beautiful.
    I used to go to Hamilton Christian School as well, and I know remember this couple as two individuals! Excellent photography and the themed school idea is stellar, wonderful!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great photos Isaac and Amber. They look fantastic. Must say, though, the class photo looks real tacky. The sign should be black with white writing, not the other way around. i love the potassium shot!