14th December – More from Leighton & Lisa’s wedding

Hey guys,

It’s been a hectic week – I was running a school camp, which involved 4 days of surfing at various beaches around the North Island. Now this might sound like a pretty sweet deal, but when you’re responsible for students in the water, it’s actually quite draining! When you include driving a van to & from Hamilton to Raglan, Whangamata, etc each day, it all adds up to a tiring experience!

So all last week I had no energy whatsoever once I got home each evening – hence the quiet on the blog front!

Never fear, however, because I am now officially a full-time professional photographer (which I find very exciting!) – school has finished, and I have now left the teaching profession to devote more time to our business. I’m very excited about the prospect of actually having evenings off – getting all my processing done during the day & then having some downtime!

Anyway – without further ado – more from Lisa & Leighton’s wedding! Enjoy the photos, and keep an eye out for the online gallery in the next few days.