10th May – Colin & Nicky’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Wow – it seems like it has been ages since I’ve posted a wedding up here – in actual fact it’s only 2 weeks! However, these have been the first 2 weeks we’ve had off since Christmas, so it has definitely seemed a long time since I’ve shared a wedding with you.

The wait is over! On Friday, Holly & I headed up to Auckland to photograph Colin & Nicky’s wedding. The day was a family affair – with the bridal party consisting of Colin’s three daughters, and Nicky’s sister and brother.

It was a dark, rainy day – with brooding clouds and rain threatening for much of the time, which ensured some fantastically dramatic skies, overlooking Rangitoto Island.

Since the photo shoot was before the ceremony, we decided in the interest of dryness & warmth to move to an alternate, indoor location – the underground train station at Britomart.

Unfortunately, the security guards didn’t quite see things in the same light – and within minutes we had been kicked out. Not to be defeated, the persuasive Colin somehow managed to get the guard to change his mind – I still have no idea how (after 5 minutes of fruitless argument on my part!)

Anyway – once we had been cleared to shoot there, it was all go – and we got some fantastic images!

We then headed along to Mantells, where their ceremony was held. This gorgeous venue is one I’ve been looking forward to shooting for ages (and one Amber was super-jealous of missing out on!) – and we weren’t disappointed!

The beautiful light & intimate atmosphere ensured a fantastic end to the day in photographic terms.

Enjoy this little taster of what’s to come!



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