Earlier on this year while filming for a kids camp I meet Shane. We got talking. Shane is a super passionate guy. He has a real heart for the family. Specifically about developing strong ties between parents and their kids.

So Shane set up Xrace. Yes it’s a whole bunch of fun. A kind of mini Amazing Race! But what its really about is giving parents and their kids an occasion to really bond together. It’s a race that’s run together. It’s about creating real memories for families achieving something together.

So anyway. This is where I come in. Shane asked me if I’d make a film about what Xrace means. We had a good chat and it was pretty evident that we were both after the same thing! Shane wanted a film that captured the heart behind what Xrace is about. We’re all about making films that really mean something. Films that are soulful and passionate. Bingo! So this is what we came up with. 🙂

If you’re keen to enter next years event, they’re happening all round the country. Check out the website here.