Working on Vomo Island … behind the scenes …

Due to the success and exposure of the Mt Ruapehu time-lapse I shot in August this year, Matt and I got a gig filming time-lapse’s and a promotional video for an island 20km of the coast of Fiji, Vomo Island.  (Its a tough life being a wedding filmmaker, I know).

All in all we spent 8 nights on the island.  We worked both during the day and through the night,  (I’m still not sure where the sleep fitted in).  We filmed turtles, a golf course, $9,000 a night villas, sunsets and too many palm trees to count.  5 course dinners became normal but the Kava still tasted kinda funny!

The two film’s we produced for them won’t be going to air until March-April next year but we thought we’d share some behind the scenes stills (thanks to Mat) of what we got up to anyway.


From the airport to the wharf: Our driver went "off road" at times to miss the traffic. The lack of suspension in the van made it all a little more interesting.


Here's me trying to make friends with one of the locals. He looks scary but all he talked about was the RWC and how 'we' won ... I had to remind him he was Fijian. He didn't care, they claimed it!


The contrast of mainland Fiji and Vomo Island was insane. We were in heaven.


Well I hope heaven's as good as this. We had 83kg worth of gear with us... and they carried it all the way to our villa.


Every guest gets a welcome song as they arrive on the island ... we were no different. We were both pretty stoked right about now.


Signing in, with Fijian bling and tropical smoothy ... i skipped the credit card bit. he he he.


Our villa ... with 24/7 air conditioning!


Our first day at work. We went scouting for cool locations to shoot ... it wasn't hard to find them.


Just giving my sponsors some airtime ... kidding


The wild side of the island ... and the wild side of Mat, there must be something in that kava.


Setting up for a sunset. It takes longer that you thing to get everything just right as you don't want to screw up a 3 hour time-lapse.



We got to film and showcase a $9000 per night villa. They throw in your own private butler with this package! ... This is where the 5D, 14mm combo kicked ass.


All we wanted to do was jump up and down on the bed. But professionalism took over so Mat just imagined what it was like to sleep in such a luxurious bedroom.


The perfectionist in me had to get the fan in just the right spot.




This was one of those "I love my gear" days! The Manfrotto Magic Arm was useful in so many shots. Such an awesome tool.


After testing out the casing with tissues it was time to try the real thing.


And hey if it doesn't work ... well that's what insurance is for!



but it did work so we went snorkeling!


This is Vomo LaiLai. A uninhabited island 2km of Vomo Island.


Me "attempting" to glidecam off the boat onto the beach.




Different ways to film palm trees. Oh i love that 14mm.



This is the start of our 4 course lunches. The life of a wedding filmmaker. Such a rough gig!


Having so much gear is a bugger when it comes to lugging it around. Mat shows me his dedication to the job. What a great assistant.



On the 3rd day we scouted the back side of the island. We did a stupid thing and didn't take any water with us. On top of that we took the hardest route up to the top of the mountain ... we drunk a ton of water that night!



More Magic Arm goodness.


We took a jeep with all our gear to the back of the island. It was perfect weather so we spent the night under the stars. At times we had 3 cameras time lapsing in different locations all at once ... we really earn't our money that night!



After a night under the stars we got back to our villa at 630am. Packed up and left the island at 8am for the mainland. A pretty epic gig to film. Keep an eye out here come march april when we post the final films!