Wedding Video Auckland: Randal + Nalika’s Wedding Video

Word was out that Randal and Nalika were going to do something pretty special at the reception. We caught a glimpse of it as the girls were getting ready in the morning. I knew instantly how this was going to cut together in the edit. Well done guys. Mint first dance! (the whole battle idea, awesome!)

… it’s like christmas … Randal + Nalika’s Wedding Film from Perspectives Photo + Cinema on Vimeo.

Each time Mat and I film a wedding we’re constantly aware for things that make the couple and their wedding day unique, so our films can reflect that. This begins well before the wedding as we get to know the couple and continues on through the day. For some couples a wedding is a very romantic moment. For others it’s a story of where they came from and how much love means.

For Randal and Nalika as they’re both social people it was very much about family, friends with some glitz and glam thrown in there too! This makes for a pretty fun day. I’ve never seen such an entrance for the groom like that before, or an iPhone as a gift in the morning. Dang!
Randal and Nalika, you guys were a blast to be around. Shot for letting us capture a bit of who you are on your wedding day!