Tropical Fiji Island Resort – Vomo Island Resort

The Vomo Films are here! This is the first of several films we produced for them. Keep checking back here in the days to come as more films go live!

I remember the first night we arrived on the island. I was grinning ear to ear. This place really will blow you away. The staff are the happiest people you could know. They make it a place you just never want to leave! The island’s a perfect size too. Not to big that it becomes im-personal and not to small that you can’t explore and find your own private beach! This really is a tropical island paradise.

It was a dream job for us too. We stayed on the island for 8 nights filming a mixture of island highlights and time-lapse footage. Despite what it might look like we actually worked pretty hard to get it all done. But we had a blast doing it. Our only mistake … when you go to the back of the island, take a bottle of water with you!
We created a couple of films while we were on the island. This is the Official Vomo Promotional Film. I hope you like it!

Check out Vomo’s website here
Music licensed from Les Enfants – And It Was Good
And for some behind the scenes photos our earlier blog post here.