Rob May Building – A Commercial Film

One of my recent commercial films sent me to the Coromandel and then to Cambridge filming a promotional film for Rob May Building.

When I first heard about this project I was like, “how am I going to make a building film beautiful, cinematic and interesting to watch”. But it’s funny what inspiration you find when you dig a little!

There were a bunch of deep emails and phone conversations that got exchanged before the idea for the film started to form. And the more I found out about Jono and Rob May Building the more I discovered it’s the people and the passion behind each house that really makes Rob May Building special. And there it was. My script for the film!

It defiantly was a long day. A 4am start in Auckland to get to the Coromandel at sunrise. It’s funny. Every time my alarm goes off for an early early start I ask myself what on earth I’m doing. But it always pays off. No regrets there, even just for 3-4 sunrise shots!

And Jono was awesome too. We did a bit of prep the day before around the general subject of what we wanted to talk about. Then on the day he just free-styled it. Anyone can talk about what they’re passionate about. Easy as.

You can check Jono’s website out too. Rob May Building.