Bringing back the Romance – A Canon 5DmkIII Wedding Film

This film was captured on the new Canon 5DmkIII DSLR camera.  I had the opportunity to try out two of them out for the weekend so I gave it a whirl and this is what I came up with.

Bringing back the Romance – A Canon 5DmkIII Film. from Perspectives Photo + Cinema on Vimeo.

Part of the philosophy behind our wedding films is to genuinely capture a couples love for each other. In the years to come I want couples to watch their wedding film and be able to not just relive the events of their day but to remember the love and romance they felt for each other too.  

Using the power of spoken word really helps to capture this. Both the letters that Jen read and the thought Scott and Jen put into their vows really made the film come alive and have soul.  I also think that giving cards and gifts in the morning helps the couple to digest what is about to happen at the ceremony. It allows them to have a deeper/richer experience during their wedding day and not have it pass them by in a blur.

I kinda dig the Celebrants accent too! Makes the film more cinematic!

Using the 5D mk III

We used 4 cameras for the ceremony.  His and her’s vows were shot on the 5D3’s.  The shot down the isle was a 5D2 and the wide shot down low at the first kiss was a 60D.  Other than that the rest of the film was shot on the 5D3’s.

The experience of filming on the 5D3 is pretty much the same as the 5D2’s.  It’s the same manual controls.  The focus check button is moved but can be programed into the ‘set’ button.  I didn’t use the manual audio as I didn’t need to.  And the 12min record limit was never an issue with me anyway.  The new screen is pretty awesome though!

I got a little bit of moire on a guest’s suit but as you can see on the groom and celebrant it’s pretty good! And there is still a bit of aliasing in places but its not too obvious.  Shooting clean at 3200ISO is awesome!  And I’m finding that if it gets any darker than 1/30sec f1.4 3200ISO then the light’s too muddy anyway so I use off camera lights to make things more dramatic and pop out (like the first dance).

It’s coming to the end of my wedding season so I’m going to wait to see what the Cinema 4K EOS brings. Focus assist while recording, zebra’s, a tilt screen and a better co-dec would be nice!

Glass used:

EF 24f1.4L

EF 35f2.0

EF 50f1.4

EF 135f2.0L

EF 70-200f2.8L IS II

I used the Kessler Pocket Dolly for shots like the bride walking down the staircase and the Glidecam HD2000 for shots like the bridal entrance, and first dance.