Behind the Scenes – The making of an image

We are light geeks. Well and truly. We buzz out when we find amazing filtered backlight, we get super excited about patches of sunlight, and dramatic wall lighting. And when we don’t stumble upon this… well, we make our own epic light.

We thought we’d share with you the thought process that went into creating of one of our recent images – an insight into how our light crazed brains work.

The first image we took was using the natural light in the room. Pretty location, gorgeous couple, but we saw the potential for more.
#1. Natural Light
Perspectives - Behind the Scenes - Education

Where we were photographing was in a relatively busy thoroughfare and as we were dodging out of the way of foot traffic, we noticed that when the angle was just right, you could see the people’s reflections in the polished floors….. oooo……

#2 Natural Light + Reflection
Perspectives - Behind the Scenes - Education

Now we’re talkin! But what we really want is to ‘pop’ Bernard and Cassidy out a little more, so we add in a little flash from camera right. Hmmm this is hitting the back wall too much… (we’ll get back to our reflection angle in just a moment).

#3 Flash from camera right
Perspectives - Behind the Scenes - Education

Our light on their faces is looking pretty cool now – nice and directional and we’re sculpting their faces a bit more to give them lovely shadows in all the right places… but what it really needs is a card to block the light from the back wall, so it’s only catching Bernard and Cassidy. Not having one close by, we use the next best thing… Isaac’s hand!

#4 Flash from camera right (with Isaac’s hand blocking the spill onto the wall) and back to our cool reflection angle:
Perspectives - Behind the Scenes - Education

Love it!!! Here’s our final image. In photoshop all we need to do now, is a bit of doging and burning to bring back some of the shadow detail and to crop out the distracting top part and we’re there!

#5 The final image!
Perspectives - Behind the Scenes - Education

If you scroll back up to the first couple of images (the natural light ones) – they’re lovely. Perfectly acceptable. But we’re always wanting to push things a step further and move from cool to EPIC!

We’re hoping to make these posts a bit of a regular feature (when we’re not so wrapped up in the moment that we forget to shoot the “behind the scenes view”!) so if you’ve enjoyed this, or have some ideas on what you’d like to hear more about let us know.

Amber and Isaac