Auckland Wedding Videographer: Stu and Tiffany’s Wedding Video

Stu and Tiffany’s wedding had a little bit of everything in it!

The most poetic cake cutting EVER! (Shot Stu!) An amazing dress, an ’emosh’ dog with big eyes, a convey van, and one big boggie to end the night on!

in celebration of today – Stu and Tiffany’s wedding highlights from Perspectives Photo + Cinema on Vimeo.

One of my favorite shots of this video was the wedding dress in the tree on Tiffany’s back yard. It was taken at 9 in the morning. I was quite stoked I arrived early, as I re-checked the shot at 11am out of curiosity. The sun had moved on and the shot just wouldn’t of worked.

It combine’s two things I’ve learn’t over the years. If you see an awesome shot (especially with nature) don’t think it will be there later as quite often the weather changes, or you get caught up doing something else and end up missing it. And secondly, most of the cool moments don’t happen in the middle 8 hours of the day. It’s the less formal times of the day when people are relaxed and personality comes out.

For Stu and Tiffany’s wedding this was after the formal speeches during the ‘cake speech’ and later that evening when everyone let their hair down and really got their boogie on!

Stu and Tiffany you guys were a blast to be around. Thanks for letting us both Film and Photography your day. It was such a privilege.

You can check out their awesome wedding photos here.

The wedding was held at St George’s Anglican Church and reception at Mantells Mt Eden.