Auckland Wedding Videographer – Sam + Aimee’s Wedding Film


Along with the highlights film couples can get a longer “feature film” edit of the wedding day. This film digs a bit deeper than the highlights and finds the heart behind a wedding day.

I’m a bit of a romantic! so for me the ceremony is always an enjoyable section to edit together. Its a time when the couple get to share their personal vows and promises to each other. It’s publicly declaring the love that’s in their heart and promising to honor their spoken word for the rest of their life. To me that’s one of the most emotionally powerful things a human can share with another.

So here’s Sam and Aimee’s ceremony as part of their feature edit. I hope it moves you just a bit!


… “the other side of the bombays”…

Sam’s from Auckland, Amiee’s from the Waikato. They met through work as Sam took a job at the Novotel in Hamilton City. Right next to the Ibis where Aimee works! … “and the rest they say is history” … and a lot of Auckland-Hamilton jokes!

They got married on Aimee’s farm. So it was fun to see all the decorations and preps that went on the morning of the wedding. For me two things stood out at this wedding. Aimee’s laugh (which Sam warned me about!) and Sam’s patient wait to see Aimee as she walked up the aisle. (Which by the way is a pretty cool edit of its own which you’ll see soon!)

But for now, heres Sam and Aimee’s highlights. – Jared.