Auckland Wedding Videographer – Jeremy + Katie’s Wedding Video

Update:  More Footage!

Part of the service that I offer is to provide a Feature Film to couples.  This film is more in-depth than the Highlights reel, shows more complete coverage and tells a deeper story of their wedding day.
Here’s Jeremy and Katies Feature Film.  So get cosy, click the HD button and enjoy!



Jeremy and Katie live in Australia and both work in hospitality industry. They came back to New Zealand to get married and choose The Pear Tree up in Kerikeri as the place to wed mainly because of the great food they serve!  So I knew food and wine were going to feature in their film pretty early on.

Sometimes I feel there’s two set’s of vows on a wedding day. One at the ceremony and one during the speeches. Both Jeremy and Katie put thought and time into what they wanted to say to each other. It’s one of the only times for a couple to say publicly how much they mean to each other, so it was really nice to be able to include this in their film as it unfolded too.

We had a blast filming it and it was defiantly worth the trip up north!

This film was in a way tricky to bring together. There were so many things I wanted to say and moods I wanted to convey. After a couple of late nights, things started to fit and I found the perfect song to glue it all together. I decided not to tell their story through the chronological order of what happened on the day but instead through two themes that arose on the day.

The first half of the film conveys the weight and importance that getting married brings. From the anticipation and nervousness that Jeremy showed to the significance of marriage that the celebrant spoke of.

The second half of the film highlights the celebrations, community, food and wine that was enjoyed on the day. The words that both Jeremy and Katie spoke really highlighted the love each has for one other. Their speeches really help to tie the whole film together too!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching it!  Feel free to comment below – Jared.