here's a bunch of real life couples talking quite candidly about their photos, video and us!

greg + sam - testimonial

Greg and Sam got married out in the back blocks of Pukekohe. This film captures their thoughts on the day and what it's like being photographed and filmed. They also reflect on what really matters when organising a wedding day.

shailen + alisa - testimonial

Shailen and Alisa got married at Castaways on the west coast. In this film Shailen and Alisa talk about their reservations with hiring both a photo and cinema team, what a physical album means to them, and their reflections on the whole process.

more kind words:

Greg & Sam

“We are currently sitting debating how to find the words to tell you how we feel after watching our highlights video. But there aren’t words!!!! We have a hugest, face splitting grins on our faces and tears in our eyes!!! You took us on an emotion rollercoster – in 5 minutes! Smiles, tears and laughter!!! This is way beyond the amazing and perfect film we wanted and we are over the moon! You perfectly captured everything right from the early morning through to the crazy night! Even the music fits perfectly! Thank you so much!! Now we have to go and watch it again!

(5 mins later)

…Holy hell we just watched it again. Honestly you are amazing. I hope you realise how awesome you are!!!!!!!! This is the coolest thing we have ever seen – of course we are biased!”

Ryan & Victoria



“WOW!!! That sums it up in one word!!

We love the photos, they are so natural yet very professional. Isaac & Amber are so easy to work with and make you feel so comfortable, even in front of the camera (which both me and my husband were a little worried about). I love it how they scout for the most perfect locations with their trained eye, as I wouldn’t have had the first clue! Definitely highly recommend them. THANKS

Chap & Ashleigh

“After we saw Perspectives work from my cousin’s wedding we had to have them! My hubby hadn’t even proposed to me yet and I knew I wanted them for my big day!

They are so professional and incredibly easy to deal with!

Their work is amazing and they have become a huge hit in our family having done 3 weddings so far. All I can say is that you will not be disappointed and they are worth every penny!”