21 August – Shots of the “week” – Pahoia United

OK – I’ve been super slack with getting a weekly shot up on here – so here’s five to make up for it.
Except they weren’t taken this week… so maybe that’s cheating…

One of the cool things about a blog is that I can share stuff that isn’t wedding related – and earlier this year we had the opportunity to do a band photo shoot.

A friend of mine is a teacher at Pahoia primary school near Tauranga – and has helped the students create a band, called ‘Pahoia United’. Click here to visit their band website

Check out their latest song & video – “Run”. The song is an original, and the instruments & vocals are all performed by the students – who are all only 9, 10, & 11 years old!
These guys are really amazing!!!

Anyway – we were lucky enough to do a photo shoot for these guys, so we headed over to Tauranga & found some cool graffiti & industrial backgrounds that give the shots an edgy feel.

So here they are: Pahoia United!!

Cool aye! So go and check out their band website!


  1. Laura K.S says:

    Pahoia eh? Choice. You’ll be back in 5 months! Ah how exciting!

  2. Laura B says:

    Cute, what awesome talent!! They are legend! Amazing photos too. Haha fun:)