Update – mostly gone!

Hey guys,

Well, over less than a 24 hour period we’ve filled up many of our available slots for the 8th / 9th August – at the moment we’re looking at shooting non-stop from 10am > 7pm each day, with around 20 couples / families / individuals involved.

Good times!!

There are still a few limited spots available though…

We still need a few more people willing to do the “corporate” look – drag that shirt & tie out and come get some fun shots! Women especially – update your business card now!

Also – a few more individuals – particularly anyone between 17 – 24 years old for some fun “fashiony” style portraits.

Could also squeeze one more “Trash the Dress” in as well – if you’re free earlyish on Sunday morning – remember, we do have a size 8-10 and a size 12 dress too – so you don’t even need to be married, just keen to get some cool shots in a wedding dress!

Couples & families are all booked out now, unfortunately – had to be in quick!

Do keep an eye out on the blog / facebook page though, as we’re looking to do a repeat performance in Auckland within the next month – so you might be able to catch us up there!

So – corporate types & individuals – send us through an email now to book in a spot!