Portrait photography – Hamilton, Auckland, and everywhere in between!

Hi guys,

Well, we’ve reached the end of the “wedding season” – and things are nearly all finished up on our end, we still have a few weddings to finish up the editing on, a few albums to finish, but on the whole – things are a little less hectic!

Which is great, because it means we can turn our attentions to things we really enjoy, but haven’t had time for – like portraits!

A portrait shoot is a really fun experience – whether you do it individually, or as a couple, or as a family.

Here’s a quick gallery I made up this afternoon with a selection of our portrait work

If you’ve never had your portraits done before, here’s a little explanation of what to expect.

There are 3 main stages… the planning session, the photo shoot, and the viewing and ordering session.

For your planning session, you pop in to the studio and meet with us, and we can talk about what kind of photos you like, and what you’re aiming to get out of the shoot. Everyone is different, and everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting to get some photos done – so this is a really important step – where we make sure the shoot will be tailored to you personally, rather than recycling the same concept for every shoot we do.

We can also discuss things like locations, times of day for the best light, any particular things you’d like to include – maybe your child’s favourite toy, or your teenaged sons’ skateboard – anything! We work out a good date for the photo shoot, and you pay your session fee (which is only $100).

The next step is the shoot itself. This is when we can really have fun, and experiment a little at the same time – coming up with some great images. Our main goal is to personally interact with you & make you feel really comfortable, as this will shine through in the images.

The shoot usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. Once we’re finished, you head off home to enjoy the rest of the day, and we rush back to upload, back-up, and start editing your images.

The last (and most exciting) step in the process is the viewing & ordering session. Once we’ve edited a selection of images from the shoot, you come back into the studio for the presentation – where you get to see the beautiful artwork we have created. We sit down with you and help you decide which images you’d like to order, and what sizes will best suit the image – along with options such as printing on canvas, framing for prints, or making albums with your images.

You place your order, and once it’s paid for the production process begins – with any finishing retouching being applied to the images, which are then sent off to the lab for printing & finishing.

We then give you a call once the finished images have arrived back to us, and are ready to be picked up!

In a nutshell, that’s it! It’s a really exciting process, and so special to have your own pieces of custom artwork to display in your home – featuring you or your family.

Over the winter, we’ll also schedule in some shooting time in cities outside Hamilton, so if you’re in Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo – or pretty much anywhere else… get in touch and ask us when we’ll next be in your city to shoot!

As a special for our blog readers, we’d love to offer you a half-price session fee – so for $50, you can go through with the process outlined above, and have the chance to create some beautiful images of your own.

Click here to send us an email, and mention that you saw the blog post, and would like to take advantage of the half price session fee.

Looking forward to hearing from you!