Introducing our new blog!

Well, I’ve finally taken the leap and started my venture into the blogging world!

Over the next little while I’ll be trying to tweak the layout of the blog a little more, so hopefully it doesn’t all disappear!

So to begin, a brief introduction:

I’m Isaac de Reus, and have been interested in photography for years – although it’s only recently that I’ve taken this passion & turned it into my job!
My wife Amber has also developed a love for taking photos – which is good because it’s now far easier to convince her that I really need this or that new piece of expensive gear!

Currently we are based in Hamilton, but we enjoy traveling all over the countryside to shoot photos.
In fact, one thing I’m planning to do is to keep a regular “shot of the week” feature running on this blog, where I’ll post my favourite shot or two from the past week.

Wedding season is over now, hence the reason I have some spare time to work on things like this blog – and also I’m really looking forward to getting out & shooting some personal interest work – hopefully I’ll get something up in the next few days… we also have a few winter weddings on the way, so stay tuned for some of those shots!

Before I sign off, meet the other member of our family – Dahli.
She often assists us in the office, her duties range from sitting on the keyboard while I’m trying to type, to sitting atop my monitor & peering down at what I’m doing… to just generally being a nuisance – but she’s too cute to ignore, so we keep her on!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You guys obviously have a great deal of fun, and your talent really shows through. Well done. You photos are inspiration and really capture the moment.

  2. Isaac de Reus says:


    I suppose “capturing the moment” is what it’s all about really, in terms of wedding photography, so if we’re achieving that it must be a good thing 🙂