February & March wedding people – update!!

Hi guys,

This is a general message that we’re posting for all of our February & March clients, just to keep you all in the loop!

As you may be able to see from our bookings calendar, we’re pretty busy over this period, with 3 or 4 weddings per week most of February.

Due to this, we just wanted to let everyone know we definitely haven’t forgotten about you, and will certainly be in touch within about 7-10 days of your wedding – as we’d like to keep it fresh in our minds, rather than confirm everything a month beforehand and then need to go through the process again closer to the date anyway.

So don’t worry at all, we’ll definitely be in touch with you to confirm all of your wedding details!

We can usually confirm everything we need to know via email, however if you would like to arrange another meeting with us prior to your wedding, it will need to be quite soon, as once February begins we have no real free time left! As Amber is still full-time teaching, she’ll be working every day at school, and every Saturday & Sunday at a wedding, from now until March – so I’d like to give her as much downtime as I can!!!

So if you would like to meet again, the best time is going to be between Jan 19th and Jan 24th – pretty much any time of day should work I think.

Enjoy the wonderful sunshine – and we very much look forward to seeing all of you again in the near future!