A new thing to play with – Photojunction Remix!

Some of you may wonder what is involved in the process between your wedding day, and actually receiving your album. I’m going to share one step of the process which has been getting easier, thanks to Photojunction Remix – which is a cute name for the total reworking of our much-loved piece of album design software.

So after a wedding, and after we’ve spent up to 25 hours enhancing the images with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Lightroom, we’re ready to begin the album design process. Here’s where Photojunction comes in. Until recently, I’ve been using the original version of Photojunction, now known as “Retro”. However, I’ve found that “Remix” has heaps of cool extra features that are going to save me a heap of time in the long run (once I actually figure out the best way to utilize the features!)

One of the first things is the alignment grids – which now snap to place automatically instead of me needing to highlight each image and choose “align left” “align top” etc. As all of our albums are designed from scratch every time – this used to take me quite a while. Photojunciton (both versions) can save templates, and I previously worked like this, but I feel that we best do justice to each individual wedding by starting a new design from the beginning each time. So having a quick & easy alignment feature for me is a must.

Another of the best features which I’m not going to be able to live without is the way that “Remix” is broken up into movable modules, rather than one whole program interface. As I use dual monitors, it’s great being able to drag some of the palettes across to my other screen, making everything easily accessible and making it really easy to see the whole layout at a nice large size.

Overall, the whole experience of using Photojunction Remix is much more intuitive than that of the Retro version. It’s still taking me time to adjust to a new way of doing things which I’ve done countless times before, but each time I figure something new out it’s like “now that’s a much better way of organizing images”. There’s still so many things that I’m learning along the way, but overall this new version will definitely save me time, which means more time to get out there and shoot photos!

In fact, I’m working on a design for Matt & Mel’s wedding right now and it is noticeably faster – both in terms of the speed it runs on my Mac, and how quickly I can get around the interface to work with the images – it’s much faster to resize & rework different layouts. The end result of all this is better albums, turned around in a quicker timeframe, with a happier me at the end of it all. That’s gotta be good!

If you’re interested to learn more about Photojunction you can check out their blog here: http://blog.photojunction.com/ or visit their website http://www.photojunction.com

Cheers, Isaac.