7th April – Pay it forward – We have a winner!

Hi guys,

First off – thanks to the people that entered our “pay-it-forward” free wedding giveaway – you didn’t make it easy choosing!

But choose we did – and the lucky couple are Bailey & Richard.

Now there’s a twist to this – because Bailey & Richard are actually already married!

Their wedding took place in February up in Northland, at a gorgeous beach.

Unfortunately, their wedding photographer wasn’t able to combine beautiful couple + beautiful day + beautiful setting into beautiful photos, and they were really disappointed with what they received to remember their day.

What they’re keen to do (and what we’re going to do for them, for free) is to get the bridal party back together and reshoot some photos out at Raglan, where they got engaged. Having just spent all their money on a wedding, this isn’t something they’d normally be able to just go out and do!

We read their story (and saw some of their pictures) and really felt for them – and we’re really happy that we are in a position to be able to offer them some beautiful images of their second wedding day!!

So stay tuned in the future for the outcome of the shoot – we’re really looking forward to it!

but wait….

there’s more….


We heard back from Bailey – who was so stoked to have the opportunity to redo her wedding photos! This made us happy and smiley.

So, we decided to get in touch with another couple that entered the initial competition & offer them a runner-up giveaway of either a free engagement session before their wedding, or a free Trash the Dress shoot afterwards.

We heard back from the lovely Michelle & Paul, who said they’d love the opportunity to do a Trash the Dress shoot with us! They have in mind Whiritoa beach on the Coromandel – which is a spot I know well as I regularly surf there – and it will be awesome!!

If you’re reading this wondering what a trash the dress shoot might look like – here’s one we did for Ken & Laura a little while ago..

So now we’ve made two couples happy – and that’s cool! The idea now is that it gets paid forward – so Bailey & Richard and Michelle & Paul will do something nice for someone in their lives…. and so on.

Will post the results of our 2 photo sessions we’re giving away once they’re done, so we can share them with you too!