4th March – We’re giving away a FREE wedding

Hey guys,

After a popular “pay it forward” discussion amongst many of the American photographers on a forum I participate in, and after being freshly inspired by my friend Karyn from Photofever photography – I decided that I’d love to offer something back as well – and spread the good vibes 🙂

Photography is a huge part of my life, and I still look back at our own wedding photos on a regular basis – you really can’t put a monetary value on how amazing it is to have stunning photographs to remember your wedding day.

However, there are many people for whom hiring a professional photographer to cover their wedding simply isn’t feasible – for whatever reason.

So, we’re offering our Aoraki package, to a deserving couple, absolutely free.

If you know a special someone that you think deserves to be on the receiving end of some positive karma, send us an email with their story – and they’ll be in to win!

There are a few conditions – their wedding must be between 1st May & 1st October 2009 (and please be sure to check out our bookings calendar to make sure we’re not already booked on their date!)

Second, their wedding must be within 2 hours of Hamilton – so Auckland, Tauranga, Raglan, Rotorua, etc – all the places we usually photograph… but not Invercagill.

All entries must be received by the 1st April 2009 – after which we’ll notify the lucky couple!

So get writing – let us know who those deserving couples are!

Finally – since Karyn was the catalyst to me actually doing this, rather than me just saying to Amber “ooooh, that’s so nice – what lovely photographers those people are!!” – here’s a link to her blog & what she’s doing… and as I hear of other photographers paying it forward I’ll be sure to link to their promotion as well!


If you’re a photographer, and are reading this – give it a go – pay it forward!

Awesome – get into it – I can’t wait to give this wedding away!



  1. Sarah says:

    Great idea! 🙂 I might have to jump on your bandwagon along with Karen 🙂

  2. Isaac de Reus says:

    Go for it!! (I'm assuming this is Sarah Mountford??)

    If you do decide to give away a wedding, let me know & I'll link to you on the blog too 🙂


  3. Laura says:

    Isaac & Amber!
    This is sooo kool! You guys are awesome! Photography is obviously your profession, skill and lifestyle but what I love about you both is that it is also your passion. Your heart and thoughtfulness are evident in the way you set out your albums and how you affirm your clients while on a photo shoot. There are many other factors that make you two of the best photographers around but this is above and beyond. It is so generous, I only wish I knew someone who was getting married in that time! Man, you guys will feel so blessed paying it forward. I'm really excited for you, AND the winning couple. Awesome!!