4th Feb – Just for fun!

Our friend Aimee got in touch the other day, needing some shots for her acting portfolio.

So I headed out with her to shoot a few locations around town, and also a few makeshift studio ones at home – consisting of my lights firing into a white or black sheet to get the background!! *reminder to self – convince Amber of the necessity of building a full-size studio….* (we’ll see just how far I get with that one).

Here are a few of the resulting shots. I’m quite pleased with how they came out, although frustrated with some of the locations – it was the wrong time of day for many of the spots I wanted to shoot – they were either in full sun (=bad) & one fantastic alleyway was closed with workmen ripping it to bits. damn. The last 3 images you might recognize from our last shoot with Aimee, but I like them, so I’m posting them again!

Anyway – enjoy the shots, plenty more wedding stuff on the way in the next few days!