29th April – Why we do what we do

It’s now 1.50am and I’m sitting here editing photos.

I just watched a slideshow of images by Amy Deputy – an American photographer who was recently voted in the Top 10 wedding photographers in the world.

I cried.

It’s a documentation of her photographic journey – beginning with the first image she took, and following through up until her most recent work.

Much of the slideshow is dedicated to documenting the illness of her young son & her husband – such amazingly powerful images.

I’d encourage you to watch this. It’s about 10 mins long, so make sure you have the time, and no distractions – just let yourself get absorbed into the images, and the quotes along with them.

This is what inspires me. If my images can ever move people the way that I was moved watching this, I’ll die happy.

Here’s the link



  1. Amy Deputy says:

    Hello from Maryland,

    Thank you for linking to this show. Thank you for putting your heart into your work. Thank you for loving what you do.


  2. Jane says:

    wow.. that was incredible