27th December – Belated Christmas tidings – and an adventure…

Hi guys,

Merry Christmas to all our blog-stalkers out there (you know who you are… hi Mum…)!!

Hope that you all had a great time with family, and stayed safe on the roads!

We had a busy one – Amber’s family are in Auckland, and mine are in Cambridge, so we split Xmas day into half each with a drive in the middle – which we’ve done the last 3 or 4 years. It’s actually really nice, having a two hour drive in the middle of the day with just the two of us, turn the stereo up and cruise along in the sun… lovely!

Anyway – we’re off to the exciting Milford Sound for a week or so – something we’ve always wanted to do, and always missed whenever we’ve been down South. So we’re leaving our flatmates in charge of the house & the lovely cat Dahli, and embarking on a photography tour.

So no blog updates for the next week or so – as I don’t even think they’ve invented Internet down there – but stay tuned for some (hopefully) beautiful pictures when we get back! Then it’s full swing into the “wedding season” – and plenty more blog updates to follow – just check the bookings calendar!

Have a great New Years – stay safe – and we’ll be in touch again soon!!

Isaac & Amber