25th April – Rock on

Hey guys,

Today was the first Saturday since sometime in January that we didn’t have a wedding!

We had no idea what to do with ourselves…. so we shot over to Tauranga this morning and caught up with Pahoia United.

These guys are an amazing school rock band, who we also did a shoot for last year (some of you long-time blog stalkers will remember this – for everyone else, here’s the blog link!)

This time we went for a more crisp & clean look, instead of the graffiti walls that we used last time.

It was a great chance to get some shots of the new members (as only 3 of last years band still go to the school!) and catch up with some familiar faces.

A huge shout-out to Mr. E – (in the middle of the 3rd shot) who goes totally above & beyond for these kids, what an awesome teacher.

You can check out the bands website here – www.pahoiaunited.com and have a listen to some of their music or watch some music videos. Very talented!!

Anyway – here’s a few of the shots from today’s shoot – enjoy!



  1. Pahoia United says:

    Wow Issac and Amber you guys really know what you are doing. I love all the photos! -Mr.E

  2. Brandon says:

    Awesome shots of the little dude band! Looked like a fun session to shoot.