24th April – Something a little different…

So today we went off to photograph a product launch at a big Hamilton company – to shoot the event & the guest speakers… nice & simple.

While we were there, the CEO asked us whether we could get some shots of the factory in action, that they could also use for promo stuff.

We agreed – as this was a bit of an adventure, slightly out of the norm for us, and we were really keen.

Then – I saw what I had to wear. AWESOME!!! I felt like a doctor on Scrubs – getting all dressed up, a rigorous handwashing procedure, and we were allowed on the factory floor.

It was really fun, and we got some very cool & creative images.

So here’s what I looked like for an hour or so this afternoon!



  1. Terianne says:

    I’m thinking this is a bit beastie boys!