22nd Feb – Blogging update!

Hey guys,

If you’ve checked our bookings calendar recently, you’ll know that this is an insane time of year for us – we shot John & Victoria’s wedding on Friday, then Paul & Laura’s wedding yesterday, we are just heading out the door for Luke & Kylie’s wedding now, and I have Chris & Natalie’s wedding to shoot tomorrow!!

So all I have time for at the moment is to come home, backup all of the files, and then try to get some rest so I’m fresh for the next day!

Hence the absence of ‘sneak previews’ right at the moment – I’ll get some shots up sometime during the week for you to have a look at!

I’ll probably cut down on the 2nd update on the blog from each wedding also – as I’m sure everyone would rather I spend my time working on actually finishing off the editing of their wedding!!

So hang in there – more pictures are on the way soon!